REAL Science of Calling ANGELS! Mystery School; By Dan Winter

Here is (finally) the next step.. to LEARNING THE SCIENCE behind - invoking angelic presence.. (the intelligent plasma of stars..).

Book Cover- New Course Handbook, with Vincent Bridges, Artist: Darlene. Available Nov 09

sept 27,09: Hi, This page is an introduction to "Angel Calls" - The Enochian and Ophanim- Angelic - Language and principles of communication. Most of this is from Vincent Bridges. I am involved in certain aspects where we can describe the science and physics behind "how you telephone the great plasma beings"..

Since our recent articles- promising further developments for those who wanted to learn to CALL THE ANGELS.. we are pleased to suggest some next steps here - for those who have expressed interest. Note below Vincent (with some collaboration from me on the science) has proposed a series of courses on the Angel science and workings- for those ready to do the work. The actual process of learning the symmetry operations which embed in ANGEL BODIES- is quite a syntax to learn- but VERY expanding to the aura. By learning the magic and physics of plasma beings that inhabit stars- we wake up inside a MUCH bigger dreamspell.. WE expand the coherence of the BA (superluminal portion of our bio-plasma) squeezed like a seed from the husk of the KA (immediate coherence of our aura-as 'boat to the underworld'). Plus we gain the angelic evolution and satisfaction of learning to steer (by embedding in) VERY large tornados- tornados who are lonely until we sit at their wheel.

Our general concept has been - among others- that one of the best ways for the Earth to survive the solar plasma wind- is to speak to the being of stellar mind.. "Angel" who inhabits that tornado. In the same way - we recognize potential loving intelligence we find in the centripedal plasma fields of nature and the plant kingdom called elementals and nature spirits- when we see the intelligence of living plasma on a stellar scale- we must come to realize how much love and mind is also present there... if we are to qualify like them to learn to inhabit stars - with our aura. This is the so called status of becoming SUN GODS so revered by our ancestors. Dan Winter.

Watch Vincent Bridges:Alchemy&the Shakespheare-John Dee(Angelic) Solution

Evidence Shakespeare Trained with John Dee in Prague:
Deep (And Angelic)Science of Alchemy - with Vincent Bridges

Watch Science of Alchemy- Physics of Consciousness

Powerpoint for with this presentation is at : Also-you may remember some of JOHN FANUZZI- great phi graphics at goldenmean.info/phaseconjugatevisuals (also just briefly in the film)- please check out his NEW!>

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Calgary Conference 06 with Dan Winter:

Galactic History of DNA - new- and Fascinating Q&A with Live Audience..

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