Tobias Lars BS, MBA, Mensa - clearly explores the role of our Emotions in true Healing & Spiritual Awakening.

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Have you had enough knowledge, under-standing, reading, learning?

Are you ready for the Real Awakening that we've all been hearing about, reading about, praying for, hoping for, waiting for?

"Many of us now need simply to Do and Be what we really are."

While attending undergraduate school Tobias Lars had an awakening experience where the energy centers of the body opened up and spontaneously reactivated ancient yogic energy practices. This happened without any work. The Yogic 'Asanas' - the postures came back to the conscious awareness and he felt other lifetimes of practicing yoga. As he did each posture they felt like a key unlocking energy grids in the body that had been previously locked and these energies were then released and flooded through the body. These powerful effects were undeniable to his young western scientific mind.

That Started a 25 year journey of spiritual study. Tobias spent time in India with a master teacher, studied shamanic practices with Native American free beings, heart centered Tantra, ego confrontation, the path of divine romantic love and with the help of a mentor opened back up to the energies of the nature kingdom of Pan and the Devic Kingdom.

During this time Tobias Lars also received a Masters Degree in International Business and founded ventures in international business. A few years later another series of 'wake up calls' came through business 'failure', divorce and bankruptcy. He next spent a period of 5 years away from the day to day world going through another level of awakening of the soul. Much of what he believed and thought he 'knew' - especially ideas of what spirituality really was - and what was previously held as reality, was transformed-exploded-shifted.

Spirit has shared simple, direct ways in assisting others in awakening to contact with their own souls and the divine.

Soul counseling, Soul Activations & The Sanctuary for Souls & Awakening Souls Courses is his wish and contribution for assisting others who wish this same awakening of their souls.

Note: Tobias Lars' academic degrees are a Bachelor of Science in Pre-med, University of Connecticut (Tobias Lars Jonsson) and a Masters in International Management, American Graduate School of International Management, Glendale, AZ. He is also a non active member of Mensa, though he feels that type of intelligence often does not have anything to do with spiritual awareness.

Tobias Lars is not a psychologist or psychiatrist. If you want clinical counseling or medication it is recommended you seek the appropriate medical help. This is spiritual counseling concerned with your spiritual awakening and well being. In our experience the spiritual part of us is the cause and all other forms of dis-ease or imbalances are the effect. When we heal our souls and spirits then other ailments clear up.

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