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The distance between you and everything you’ve been searching for is about to shrink.

Your perception of what your journey is supposed to look like is about to be shattered as the truth of your mastery is revealed at Panache Desai’s inspirational 2nd Global Gathering in Orlando, Florida. Get ready to laugh, cry and feel to the very depth of your being. Participate, be inspired and challenged. Expand your heart. And stretch and grow into your magnificence.

Everything as we know it is shifting and changing. We admire your courage in the face of this upheaval. Each challenge and every obstacle has served to bring you to this moment of opportunity. Universal consciousness is moving you toward the ultimate destination - the power within. In this sacred space you will discover the mastery that up to now you have been seeking outside yourself.

Separation Ends

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday October 8, 9, 10, take a quantum leap as you are catapulted into a deeper level of who you are here to be. This is not exclusive to only those on a spiritual path. Regardless of your beliefs, practices, vocation or avocation, when you come in contact with the gift of energetic transformation shared through Panache, all that you do is brought into its highest expression. The experience of your life is profoundly deepened.
  • Everything you do becomes a blessing
  • You move from a space of reactivity to one of peace and presence
  • Your life’s direction and purpose become clearer
  • Many more new doors will open
  • Be Among the First to Register

    Last year more than 22 States and Canada were represented at the Florida Gathering. Attendees used words like: “Life-altering; Transformative; A Profound Energetic Experience; What I’ve Been Waiting For; High Energy; Non-Stop Interaction; Incredibly Fun; Empowering.”

    Full Weekend Florida Gathering

    3-day Attendance Required
  • Friday Evening, October 8: 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm
  • Saturday, October 9: 8 am to 10 pm
  • Sunday, October 10: 8 am to 4 pm
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    Florida Hotel and Conference Center

    At the Florida Mall
    1500 Sand Lake Road
    Orlando, FL, 32809

    Take advantage of reduced room rates until Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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    Not Your Typical Spiritual Seminar

    Panache Desai is a uniquely gifted vehicle for spiritual transformation who is called a master by those who come into his presence. His inspired programming is unlike anything you’ve experienced and his vitality is contagious. Panache shares an uplifting message that will stir your heart while his miraculous energetic sessions unlock limitless possibilities within your being. Both cathartic and profound, his delivery will surprise you. Panache’s outside the box wisdom, down-to-earth humility and relentless humor will captivate your attention and elevate your soul.

    Where the Power of ONE is Exponential

    A Global Transformation is unfolding and your participation is critical. On a soul level you are being drawn to this Mastery for a reason. And if you are drawn to join us in this work at the Florida Gathering, you have a very specific role to play in the awakening of consciousness.

    We respect the path that you are on, the masters under which you are studying, the modalities and techniques you are cultivating, the books you are reading, and the experiences you are having. As you connect to your mastery your reality shifts. Like the ripples in a pond – the very energy around you begins to pulsate and reverberate.

    You Are The ONE

    No individual is insignificant. No job is unimportant. No path is more prominent than another. No matter who you are or what you do, the Divine is ready to flow through you. On October 8, 9 and 10 Separation ends. Mastery Begins.

    Join our Team. Become a Regional Coordinator

    This is a call for motivated, inspired self-starters from across North America who are ready to join us as members of our Florida Gathering Coordinator’s Team. Offer your loving service as a Regional Coordinator. Embrace a leadership role as we partner to create a successful conscious convergence of individuals from across this country.

    Click here to e-mail your interest and we will send you more information about this role. Work alongside our staff to serve as a loving bridge between Panache and those who are open to experiencing a weekend that will forever shift the way they experience life. Take a moment and tune into your inner knowing. Are you being called?

    Links to Additional Information

    We are quickly finishing the details on all the exciting opportunities available to you during the 2nd Florida Gathering Check back over the next few days to find links to the following resources and more:
  • Click Here for Regional Coordinator Biographies and Contact Information
  • Click Here to Visit the Florida Gathering Bulletin Board
  • Click Here To See Who's Coming!
  • Sign-Up for Saturday Evening’s Love a-Fair
  • Updates from Panache and our Staff
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • You Can Help Today!

    E-mail everyone on your contact list. Encourage friends and family to attend with you. Register now. Panache Desai’s 2nd Florida Gathering is only 10 weeks away.

    Mastery Begins

    We are filled with anticipation at reconnecting with our soul family and can’t wait to see your names come through on our registration. Take your place and begin to build the momentum of what promises to be a weekend of personal and profound breakthroughs. You Are The ONE.

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