Consciousness Awakening (Ralph Buckley)

Consciousness Awakening....
I don't know why....but I feel compelled to continue with this...call it what u will....intuition...instinct...but this idea is constantly spinning in my head. It's very weird...but I remember thinking these same thoughts back when Art did his experiment way back when. I was so riveted during this time. I literally couldn't wait to listen to Mr. Bell's show every night...it was way better then cable....(hehe)!
I recall wondering why this hadn't been done or thought of before & why the 'powers that be' hadn't put there monies & resources into a venture that held such extraordinary potential...I was really quite naive then...we've never had any real money, nor have we been truly exposed to the corruption of it all, always been poor....& for this I feel fortunate. Never really bothered me much. In the years that Marcie & I were homeless...we didn't really analyze it then, but we were always taken care of...people, things...necessities came to us....as they were needed. I wish I would've been more in tune with the spirit back in those days, I would've been more relaxed...for I was constantly in a state of panic and anxiety.

anyways....this 'consciousness' project is a really delicate matter and we musn't allow things to become distorted....or lost in hype and money. I think that we need to become accustomed to this idea...the idea of thinking or being as one. Like everything else this takes getting used to...it takes practice. With large groups it becomes extremely evident of personalities that are louder then others...ego's are incredibly fragile & unpredictable & possibly dangerous. We have to account for this....before we begin. This is why I think we need to keep on trying...until we are comfortable with the idea & more importantly comfortable with each other in what we're trying to accomplish, again we have to get used to thinking of ourselves as one.
When I close my eyes....I think about a flock of birds that can change direction instantly....as one. Thousands of birds that can make a complete change of direction...as one. One mind. One heart. One Love....
I am positive that as long as everyone involved has their hearts in the right place that this could really grow....quickly. We could enter into this online as individuals or groups....small or large...depending on where the comfort zone is with an individual....so we can eventually be able to develop this intuitive ability to think and be as one.

To be honest, I don't want to be the one to lead this experiment. I believe for this to work we'll need to trade off on who will 'moderate' or host certain 'sessions'... Just to be sure & positive, I think it would be wise to prevent any one individual to be in control of things, for very long anyways.....if this happens it will most assuredly fail.
I'm doing this, because, in my mind, it is the most important endeavor of our time. We need to come together spiritually...without a care for race color or creed....or money. Staying as far as we possibly can from any organized religious beliefs...
We are one...and until we can start thinking about ourselves in this capacity....we'll never get past the differences that have held us back for the ages.


What would be the focus? - perhaps prayer lists? - those who are sick? - without a doubt we should always try to envision a world of peace. But eventually we could attempt to become more specific...specific regions - focus for specific leaders -............ This is always about bringing light.....we can never feed the darkness.

The response to this idea in recent attempts has shown great promise...but as I stated in the video.... Most people won't think of such things as necessities...that is until their very lives are effected by the chaos that our future promises....

If anyone feels inspired....then it's important that you act on that impulse....


"Shine on Forever" (ralph buckley)

note*:...after writing this I came upon a u2b video of Eckhart Tolle on the Oprah Winfrey show...& it just blew my mind. Please view
Eckhart Tolle on Oprah

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