Living Miracles Center Newsletter 8

Living Miracles Monastery

Clearing the Altar of Your Mind

by David Hoffmeister

In this past world, the linear world of time-space, prayers were often believed to be petitions, requests, or questions. Lord grant me... Lord I ask that... Please Lord, I beckon You to... Lord I have a favor to ask... It is as if there was a Power (up there) or (out there) or (apart) looking down and watching over the world - a Power Who had the ability to, at times, grant wishes and favors to human beings. It also appeared to be the case that prayers were not always answered. This view could not have avoided seeing God as fickle or inconsistent or, very strangely, a Being that was capable of playing favorites. These are concepts and perceptions of prayer that arise from an allegiance to the ego - the impossible belief in scarcity and lack. Yet there is another way to see prayer.

True prayer is a way back to the recognition of the Kingdom of Heaven and a clearing of the heart returning us to the purity or singularity of desire. For prayer IS desire and, as such, prayer is continuous. Prayer never starts or stops, is never strong or weak, never sincere or insincere. One is never absent from prayer or the power of prayer. Like faith, prayer can seem to be misplaced, yet even this illusion cannot but testify to the power of the mind from which the illusion was made. Just look at the time-space cosmos. A belief in separation can seem to make... to continue reading
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The Blessing of Service

by Sue Daniel

Being accepted as a volunteer for a 6 month stint at the Living Miracles Monastery was the answer to a call of the heart, a step into the vast unknown, a willingness, I now recognize, to go deep into the mind and unearth the roots of belief growing along the path to Gods shining awareness.

Going through the mind training at the monastery has given me the opportunity to speak up and expose the fears, the "No's", the self-hatred, the desire for specialness and the fear of loss. More recently, I'm glad to report, I have experienced moments of peace and joy. I am beginning to trust Spirit which, in turn, increases my vigilance as a listener and helps me speak to others about what I am hearing.

The job I have been given to shake loose the shackles of ego control is "volunteer coordinator". We use our jobs as "backdrops" for mind training. Mind training is literally the constant practice of choosing between thoughts of the ego and thoughts of the Holy Spirit. Among the lessons that I am learning is that attentiveness and focus on... continue reading click here

Messengers of Peace
David and the Messengers meet with those who desire to discern between the ego's thought system and the Holy Spirit's purpose of forgiveness. Acknowledging that truth is in the Mind, they offer an invitation to engage in the uncovering of the beliefs that seem to obstruct the awareness of love's presence. The Messengers of Peace serve as mighty companions for each other and recognize that awakening is not a casual endeavour, but one that demands a deliberate and uncompromising commitment. The depth of devotion and faith reflect their willingness to question all assumptions. Total transformation of the mind is approached with passion, devotion, and a burning desire from within. This is their unified goal and purpose.
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