Thomas Campbell on The State of Humanity

Tomas Campbell is a Nuclear Physicist and does applied physics for NASA in developing missile defense systems. He is the author of the "My Big Toe" (Theory of Everything) trilogy. His base theory is that our seemingly physical reality, is a virtual reality. At the core of our physical reality, everything is just information/data, and not fundamentally physical and *out there" as we perceive it. He did extensive work with the Monroe Institute in exploring other state of human consciousness and perception. His MBT trilogy covers everything we everything we experience as human beings. From religion to philosophy, from quantum mechanics to non-physical beings.


"We live at the dawn of a potentially explosive evolutionary and cultural transition. The pace of change is dramatically accelerating. Ahead lays a unique and powerful potential for an incredibly accelerated progression, regression, or self-destruction. After 250 years of the Industrial Age comes the genetics engineering, cloning, psychotropic drug, computer networked communications, digital information age - all at once!

The point is: Once a complex system is capable of directly programming (intentionally changing) itself, the pace of evolution dramatically accelerates. The intellect, aided by the products of its increasing awareness (digital and other technology), replaces random mutation and natural selection as the primary driver; consequently, evolution accelerates from a very slow paced process to an ultra-fast one."


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