10-10-10 Stargate 'Now We Are Free'

Allow the wisdom of the Ages to emerge from deep within your DNA, awakening you to Christ Consciousness. reMEMBER your divintity. Allow the light of our Star heritage to illuminate the path ahead. Synergize all past and future awareness now to create the potential for a quantum evolutionary leap forward for you and for all humanity. Surrender into the arms of unconditional Cetacean love.

Music from the Soundtrack to the motion picture, Gladiator. "Elysium", "Honor Him" & "Now We Are Free" performed by Bruce Fowler, Elizabeth Finch, Gavin Greenaway, Jack Smalley, Ladd McIntosh, Lisa Gerrard, The Lyndhurst Orchestra, Walk Folwer & Yvonne S. Moriarty.

Images- www.kagayastudio.com, Nasa "Hubble" images, Photobucket

Video- BBC Earth, BBC WorldWide, Chakra/Kundalini Video (origin unknown)

I give thanks and honor all the unknown artists.

~Kasha Mama Creations~

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