Buddy Huggins Talks About The Keiser M3 Spinning Cycle

"The Keiser M3 Spinning Cycle, rules, way cool, I love it." Buddy Huggins

I frequently ride a bike outdoors during the summer, but in the winter when the weather is not as good I often go to the gym to ride the exercise bike. None of the indoor bikes I had ridden ever had the smooth feel of riding outdoors - until I tried the Keiser M3 at a health club. I loved it so much, I bought one for myself for home use (the first time I've ever bought home exercise equipment as an adult), and while I've only owned it now for a short time, it is fantastic. Due to the unique design, utilizing magnetic resistance, the feel is very similar to riding outdoors. It is very quiet and very smooth. So I can spin at a fairly rapid rate and still get my heart rate up. And, though I don't do this much, you can also crank up the resistance and make it as hard to peddle as you would like (it has about 24 "gears" so you can continually increase the resistance to virtually whatever level you would like - what is really happening of course is you are simply increasing the magnetic resistance). This is a first rate bike for anyone who is serious about biking and wants something to use indoors that feels like biking outdoors. It is great exercise and does not feel like the typical gym or spinning bikes.

It was easy to assemble even for someone like me, who views changing light bulbs as a modest maintenance task. In total, it probably took about 30 minutes to set up and required little more than a Philips head screw driver, an Allen (sp?) wrench (which I have for my outdoor bike), and either a pedal wrench (again I have one) or an adjustable wrench that would fit the pedals.

Lastly, I would recommend ordering via Amazon or Keiser directly since some of the small third party sellers do not deliver on time. I would not buy from Indoorcyclingstore.com, who appear to be either terribly managed or are dishonest; we initially placed an order through them and six weeks later we still did not have the bike, but they still had our money.

Amazon.com Product Description

The result of more than a decade of cycle development, the Keiser M3 is like no other indoor cycle you've ridden before. Keiser scrutinized and quality tested every single component of the M3, from the top of the comfortable handlebars to the bottom of the rock-solid base and everything in between. The centerpiece of the M3 is its eddy current resistance system, which offers infinitely adjustable resistance. This creates a vigorous, challenging workout along with a remarkably smooth, whisper-quiet ride. In addition, the cycle is built to last, as the resistance system doesn't wear and is virtually maintenance-free. And to keep you comfortable throughout your ride, the M3 includes a four-way adjustable seat (up, down, forward, and backward), dual-position comfort handlebars, and adjustable Shimano combo pedals. The M3 is also equipped with a sophisticated computer system that tracks your rpm, power output in watts, kilocalories, heart rate, pedaling time, resistance, and trip distance. Other features include a gravity-based water bottle holder, an anti-slip belt, and a smooth resistance shifter. Designed with the needs of fitness clubs in mind but portable enough for the home, the M3 carries a three-year warranty.


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