Free 10-10-10 Ceremony on Mount Shasta!

Free 10-10-10 Ceremony on Mount Shasta!

Midday - 2pm, 10 October 2010

Phone Crealo'Raa on 631-816-3470 if you are struggling to find us
Drive up to the very top car park on the mountain, which is above Panther Meadows.
We will be gathered in the flat space right next to the car park
We will avoid damaging the eco-system on the mountain by sticking to an area where there are no plants.

Bring crystals that choose to come, & a drum/rattle if you have one
See you there dear tribe!


Mount Shasta Pyramid Meditations with Solara An-Ra!

Friday 8 October 9.11 - 11 am
(for course members only)
Monday 11 October 9.11 - 11 am
(anyone may come, please email me to book a space)
Please Note: No metal is allowed in the pyramid - please take off all jewelery beforehand and wear clothes without metal zippers and bras without metal underwiring. Water and crystals are allowed.
I am offering 2 group meditations in Antera & Omaran's pyramid at the Center for Soul Evolution in Mount Shasta. http://www.soulevolution.org/ These are free of charge, but there will be a $15 per person payment directly to the pyramid keepers on the day.
The Friday meditation session is an optional 'extra' to the Reconnection Course . The Monday session is for those on the course who couldn't make the first one, and for those not on the 3 day course who would like to do this extra session with me.
Depending on numbers, we will probably split into 2 groups on the day, as 20 is a comfortable maximum inside. One group will hold the space outside the pyramid and direct energy inwards while the other group is inside, and then we will swop positions.
Please plan to be parked by 9 am, as there is a short walk, payment must be made, plus there is a waiver to be signed before entering the pyramid at 9.30 am. For more info on the pyramid look here http://www.twinsong.us/pyramid/pyramid.htm
Those staying at Stewart Mineral Springs, we will carpool and leave from there on Friday morning, at 8.30 am, so no need to worry if you don't have transport. For those not on the course, you may meet me at Stewart Mineral Springs on the Monday morning, or go directly there, as you choose.
--From I-5, take the Central Mt Shasta exit (the second one for the town, coming either way).
--Coming from the south, turn right at the stop sign onto Lake St. Coming from the north, turn left onto Lake St. You will be going east toward the mountain. We are 2 miles from the Interstate.
--Continue on that road as it turns north and you come to a stop sign. It is renamed Everett Memorial Highway here. Continue straight.
--After you cross the railroad tracks, about half a mile further turn left onto Om Shasta Path.
Park at the inetrsection of Everett Memorial Highway and Om Shasta Path
There will be someone there to point you in the right direction
--About 1/3 mile down (paved surface has turned to gravel), follow it left onto Shasta Star Lane.
--Turn in the first driveway to the right. First house on the right - 2-story gold house with dark green trim.

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