Jim Carrey Out of the Spiritual Closet

Hi there Light Friend,
On the Fox lot in Los Angeles, actor Jim Carrey did something that could make the lives of Lightworkers & emerging souls all over the world much easier, let alone inspire the film industry to wield its power more consciously…..he ‘came out’ about his own profound spiritual experiences & awakening.

For several years, since my own awakening, I have felt & known in my soul, my gut & my bones that humanity is approaching a collective & profound awakening from its unconscious, automatic, reactive & mostly fear-based amnesia. When people speak of 2012, for me it marks a moment in time when the future trajectory of human consciousness, & therefore experience, is set on course.
My work or soul purpose has revealed itself to be about helping other people to awaken & become conscious, to help them through the often disorienting process of emergence & help them find their feet, their path & their purpose in readiness to help create a new ‘awake’ world. One of the main issues dealt with by those just waking up, having spiritual experiences & encountering re-emerging abilities is isolation, fear of ridicule & social rejection & the fear of being considered mentally ill in some way.
Seeing a very high profile Hollywood actor speaking openly about his ‘awakening’ experience & spiritual awareness will I hope help those emerging souls all over the world feel better about themselves & what they are experiencing. Apparently Carrey has been talking about his emerging spirituality for about 2 years but these videos have just hit YouTube in the past 2 days on the official Eckhart Tolle YouTube Channel. I hope they will help awakening souls feel less alone. I also hope it helps to raise awareness to a new audience about the ‘something’ intangible that is gathering pace & seeping into the zeitgeist as we approach 2012.
Now of course we have no idea how this will play out, he is taking a huge risk with his career & reputation. However, Carrey chose the perfect moment to step out of his spiritual closet. You will see from the video that Carrey is introducing Eckhart Tolle, now well known (& Oprah-endorsed!) spiritual author of ‘The Power of Now’ &  ‘A New Earth’. Tolle was speaking at the 2009 Inaugural GATE Event (Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment) in Los Angeles. The author & spiritual teacher has gained great credibility since working closely with Oprah Winfrey to present on-line spiritual awareness training. Also GATE has been developed by producer John Raatz, a renaissance man known for films such as: ‘What The Bleep Do We Know’ & ‘The 11th Hour’ as well as his work with Deepak Chopra & Madonna.
So Carrey chose what seems to be a credible platform upon which to open up & share his story & I hope he is respected by the industry, his peers & fans for his courage. I also hope the work of GATE to encourage filmmakers to make more conscious films is successful. HBO executive Scott Carlin told the GATE audience of 5oo film industry professionals: “Audiences are yearning for the sense of being nourished deeply.”
I’d say there is also a yearning for this deep nourishment in our every day lives too. Maybe film is another way for that to begin……The time is NOW.
Here is the video. Enjoy.
Love & blessings,
Kimberley ♥

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