Lou Dobbs Calls Rep. Bennie Thompson "A Joke" On TV

(D) Mississippi - Congressman Rep. Bennie Thompson incoming
Chairman of Homeland Security is formally called out by Lou
Dobbs on the Congressman's letter to CINTAS concerning the more...
companies recent decission to validate all its employee's
Social Security numbers. The Congressman feels by saying and
acting upon that action is descriminating against immigrants.
Listen to Lou as he provokes contradictionary remarks from the
Congressman and then informs the incoming Chairman that
Homeland Security is a joke and futhers the point by implying
that Rep. Bennie Thompson is also a joke.

Bennie Thompson you have been told this by me, Buddy Huggins
Next to come will be the people of Mississippi.
Bennie Thompson you are "A Joke"

Bye Bye Bennie!

Picture For nearly a generation, Bennie Thompson has represented Mississippi's 2nd District.  While he has accumulated great wealth for himself, his district is among the poorest in the nation.   Since most of Bennie Thompson's money comes from over 450 special interest groups outside Mississippi, do you really think he is representing you?   Click on Bennie's Record to see he does NOT vote in your best interest!  Bennie Thompson knows he votes against your values and that is why he refused to answer the 80+ question TEA PARTY SURVEY.  Bennie Thompson will not debate his opponent, Bill Marcy, because he wants to hide his beliefs from the public.  This website will educate the voters on how Bennie Thompson's votes in the US Congress and how his individual actions have caused harm to the Mississippi voters and our nation.  Let's give the next generation in District 2 a future.
BENNIE NEEDS TO GO!            

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