MHANTS in Greenville, Ms: Cutter raising awareness of mental health issues by bicycling cross-country

Are you keeping up with Patrick Cutter? Cutter is attempting to ride a bicycle from the farthest road in the northern US (Prudhoe Bay, Alaska) to the farthest road in the continental southern US (Key West Florida). The reason for such a journey? To raise money for a nonprofit suicide prevention program that he is a member of, SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education).

He's in the Greenville, Mississippi area now, having stopped and talk to Buddy Huggins only yesterday. 

Cutter is calling his ride the Mental Health Awareness North to South (MHANTS) and wants to raise awareness for mental health issues, especially depression. "While cycling across the country, I hope to spread awareness for treatment options and resources, and reduce the stigma of mental illness", he says.
You can track Cutter's MHANTS progress on his website at http://www.mhants.com/


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