UFOs Over NYC 10 13 10

I hate bursting anyone's bubble, but were those "strange" circular, floating objects in the sky over New York City on Wednesday a true alien visitation?

Many New Yorkers reported seeing silver-colored things in the sky over the Chelsea section of Manhattan in the early afternoon.

As you'd expect, the FAA got numerous calls about the free-floating, hovering items, and a spokesman said they had nothing on radar to account for the balloon-like objects.

Do you see a possible pattern emerging here? Could it have simply been the result of a bunch of balloons slipping off the arm of an unsuspecting child in a carriage?

One person sent this comment to the New York Post: "It's a big bunch of yellow balloons. There were hundreds of people releasing them in Times Square today!"

To paraphrase the great fictional detective Sherlock Holmes: "When you strip away all the things that aren't possible, you're left with the answer."

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