William Henry & David Wilcock - Revelations Stargate Radio - Sep 15 & 22, 2010

William Henry & David Wilcock - Revelations Stargate Radio

 Light Body Activation

So, if this is what's really driving the evolution of species on Earth, we'd need some sort of physical proof that DNA could change by a strictly energetic process.
This can be found in the work of Dr. Peter Garaiev. He was able to completely transform a frog embryo into a salamander... simply by shining a non-burning laser through a salamander embryo and then redirecting it into the frog embryo.
No other processes were necessary... and the transformed creature grew into a full adult salamander, with none of the problems normally associated with cloning.
What is required for this DNA change is two things:
1. A DNA pattern transformed from a "particle" (the molecule) into a "wave" (the light beam);
2. A sufficiently large source of energy to transmit the information (the laser beam).
What we are saying is that these Galactic Chakras, these "spheres of activity," these "domain walls," are ultimately the creation of an intelligent, living Galactic Creator.
They contain the pattern to transform all DNA on the planet, and they provide a sufficiently large source of energy to enable the transformation to take place.
This is what is happening to us now. It appears that the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012 -- the change from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius -- represents the "tipping point" from one density to another.
David recognizes this information and knowledge is too important to be left to just the few that can pay. We are providing this MP3 to anyone who is concerned about their lives and/or the strife that some predict will occur before the entry into a Golden Age of Enlightenment on Earth.
You can change your consciousness, change your perspective, actualize your full potential and become the person the Creator wants you to be.
There is no place outside the Creator. Everything is God. Everyone is equal. Much of this came from the 1981-83 Law of One readings. ( www.lawofone.info )
Various people tap into what David calls "Ageless Wisdom ." Spiritual and religious movements come about as a result. Each person may have certain biases that affect how they access "intelligent infinity", thereby causing differences in the teachings from one culture to another.
Your pre-existing beliefs about God may also come through in your channeling of this intelligent infinity. So researchers should be aware there is always some personal bias that accompanies the channeled material.
David suggests everyone should navigate their own path. This is a time where each person can gain their own information, rather than relying upon existing teachings. Reading the best of this material does have a value, as it can help "tune" your mind to be able to experience higher consciousness directly. 
Furthermore, he suggests we do not need to dwell on negative story lines. If you find yourself gravitating towards the negative, understand that everything happening to us is part of a Perfect Plan for humanity.
Its purpose is to help us graduate into the next major evolutionary level -- with 'Ascended' abilities much as we see in the legend of Jesus and other "Ascended Masters."
The most credible sources of esoteric philosophy, such as the Law of One series, consistently encourage us to realize that the worst Earth Changes will not occur until AFTER everyone (or almost everyone) on Earth has transmuted to a higher frequency. At this higher frequency level you will not be affected by these cataclysms in any way.
We may have help in this process. "Mr. X," the first Project Camelot witness, said he saw documents of conversations between the US secret government and ETs, where the ETs informed them that they were going to make a mass landing in 2012... and there was nothing our governments could do about it.
See our previous entry in "David's Blog" for more details on this story, and for instructions on where you can see David speak live and in person!
The Planet X model should be laid to rest, as it is deeply flawed. The Sun contains 99.86 percent of all the mass in the Solar System, leaving 0.14 percent for ALL the planets, moons, asteroids, comets and dust.
Even if the proverbial Planet X were the size of Jupiter, its effect on the Sun would be very, very small... akin to trying to move a parked car in neutral with a refrigerator magnet.
You have now seen a consistent body of information, going back to the early 20th century with Cayce Reading 1602-8 and the 1950s with the George Hunt Williamson material, describing what is really happening.
Humanity is moving into a state of “Unconditional Love”, irrespective of what has happened previously.
You can be a part of the cleansing reality... and this free MP3 presentation is a wonderful step in aiding you to do that!
In case you haven't yet grabbed it, here is your download link. (PC users right click and select "Save Target As".)


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