Triston Alexander Greer 10/31/10

Up Date: 11-30-10
He is 4 weeks old, His mom told me that he spoke the word "hi"
Not just once but three time, then he "LHAO" ,,,,LOL,,, : ) to cool!

My Grandson, Triston Alexander Greer

Triston at 3 Weeks Old,  can you see the Love?
Brittany Huggins at 3 1/2  Months,  ---->> Her Son at 3 weeks

When did these Indigo Crystal or Rainbow Children arrive?

The Indigo children have been incarnating here over the last 100 years. The Adult Indigos have been around from the period at the late 1930’s -60’s. However the largest incarnation would be the during the 1960-70’s. We now have a large number of indigo’s in their late teens and twenties and thirties. These Indigos are now in the work place and preparing to become leaders in their chosen fields. The personality of the Indigo’s could be split into 4 categories - The Humanist, The Conceptualist, The Artist and The Catalyst. See Nancy Tappe website for more details on these characteristics on www.allaboutindigos.com . Nancy Tappe is an internationally acknowledged synaesthete who led pioneering work for her perception  and sensory interpretations of the new Indigo race.

The Crystal children began arriving from the late 1990’s early 2000. Their purpose is to enable humanity to evolve into a new paradigm. They understand working as a group consciousness and that we are All One and do not see the world as separate. They are here to encourage love and peace with ALL.

Many of the Indigos are now making the transition from Indigo to Crystal. In this transitionary stage they become more aware of their “Christ” consciousness. We as Indigo adults are also making ourselves more aware of our spiritual paths and divine blueprints. All of us have the potential to reawaken our spiritual and multi dimensional selves as we connect with our higher or over selves. The higher self contains all the knowledge of all the selves in which we have incarnated over many lifetimes. By using our intuition we can remember our various abilities, memories and make use of the clues we have been giving to ourselves since childhood. In this way we can access knowledge of our inner callings and individual purpose. Adults and children feel a knowing of our global mission and may need more guidance to activate and access their individual paths and purpose.

All generations are highly sensitive in their surroundings and in their dealings with others. Some are extremely psychic or intuitive and may feel they have a particular life purpose or agenda so to speak. Differences can be seen within the Indigo who may carry a more warrior spirit in their outlook on life and dealings with others especially those in authority. They feel they have come to make changes in the educational, government and any systems which do not operate in integrity or which serves the benefit of those who seek power and control over others and not empathy with ALL. They may show a strong attitude or be quite forceful in their opinions of what they see as reasonable and of benefit to those moving into the new paradigm.

Some children who openly resist this change and display disruptive behaviour can be described as those with (ADD) Attention Deficit Disorder or (ADHD) Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder.

For these children conforming to a linear sequential lifestyle set by those who still they feel are more comfortable operating in an outdated system causes them great distress. Whilst they feel the need to operate and learn using different modalities at the same time others may feel they want them to be more orderly, calmer and to sit still and pay attention. This can be an excruciating experience for these children as they may operate on different levels using various sensory learning abilities which are unacceptable in the current educational system. The worst case scenario is that they may be given medication. This sadly reduces their sensory systems to react in a conventional linear way without using their special intuitive conceptual abilities leaving them feeling frozen in a body system which just is not their true selves. All this to conform to that which society demands of their behaviour not allowing their unique abilities and characteristics to shine through.

The Rainbow children are the newest children to arrive and again they have incarnated at this time to become the way showers into 5th dimensional consciousness. In this new world we will all become more aware of our intuitive thoughts and feelings. We will rely less on spoken and written word preferring to use mind to mind telepathy. This system will require more honesty in our dealings with others and ourselves. Many children are already showing speech delay with some children not fully speaking until they are 3 to 4 years old. These children use other methods of communicating with parents and friends including eye contact, sign language, sound and song all of which conveys their understanding of their external world. Our own son had delayed speech and spoke no full sentences until he was 3 1/2 years old and at no time were we concerned about his ability to communicate or understand his world.

Generally Crystal children are very connected, communicative and highly sensitive individuals. They are extremely kind to others and often display a care for the behaviour of others around them as though  it were a personal experience showing their connectedness to ALL in a group conscious way. Often our son would describe being hurt by a situation or the suffering of another child as if he was the recipient himself. He would describe this as a shared common experience of injustice of unfair behaviour - or its just not kind to behave in that way!

In her book by Doreen Virtue “ The care and Feeding of the Indigo Children’  wrote that ADHD should stand for Attention Dialed into a Higher Dimension. These children are not dysfunctional - it is the systems that we are asking them to work with which is not accommodating the continuing evolution of the human race. By feeding them with medication we will take away the gifts they have brought with them to show us the way of educating with new alternatives and possibilities. These children have extra sensory perceptions and often see things conceptually and pictorially. They prefer the speed of computers, electronics, digital pictures and being shown how something works through living the experience. Our son attended a field trip in an historical house last year where they learned science art and history through living for 3 days on site and feeling and sensing the subject matter they were learning. He said this was the best school environment he had ever been in! Everything made far more sense than sitting at a desk in a class room with text books worksheets and listening to a teacher using words to describe complex subjects. This methodology just makes him switch off and he describes in one sense how he leaves the room leaving his body in the chair. We would call it daydreaming! We expect our children to learn via outdated teaching auditory sequential styles which just do not appeal to their creative spatial and perceptive minds. See research by Lynne Silvermann who describes the characteristics of Auditory Sequential and Spacial/Conceptual individuals on page 4.

All these issues require new parenting skills to honour the potential of our new children. We are all spiritual as well as emotional mental and physical beings. We are entering into a phase of Human Evolution where we are moving into a higher dimension of conscious awareness of our place and purpose for our time and experience on earth. The Indigo Crystal Rainbow children are here to give us insights into what is ahead of us and how we need to adapt our whole way of living to take us into the higher dimensional New Earth. Our children have come as our teachers in roles we have already played with our own parents. Science is discovering new phenomena all the time - see Lynne Mctaggart author and scientist of Living in the Field, Michael Talbot - The Holographic Universe, Rupert Sheldrake - morphic resonance, Gregg Braden - The Divine Matrix. These authors are scientists and engineers who have researched beyond the established scientific view and the only criteria for looking at there material is to read with an OPEN MIND. As in the New Earth ANYTHING is POSSIBLE as an expanded viewpoint may just provide answers to queries which have been requiring some different explanations. Your children are playing a vital role in stimulating you to look at the world from a different perspective- ALL may not be as it seems! We have taken on the role as parents to our children and with this comes a responsibility and duty to allow them to be who they are or who they have come to be - not what we expect of them based on old ideas and systems which no longer serve us or them.



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