Dreaming the New Earth into Creation

Imagine you are with me, and your divine feminine is here. You divine feminine (even if you are a man, in body) is invited to a ceremony, a visioning ceremony. We are changing what we have feared of in the outer world to something completely different on the inside of us. All you need to bring is your imagination and your love, and your are invited to join us. Let yourself go into a restful, meditative state.

We are inside a rose quartz crystal on a sandy beach. There is a circle of crystal skulls. The skulls emanate the vibration of our dreaming to the universe. The skulls are sacred, and connect the web of life as a web of light, or photonic energy sent out from our dreaming. `We arrive and place our heads in the direction of the center. Twelve women are around the central circle of twelve skulls. More are around this circle. You get in your sleeping bag and take in the sacred energy here. You admire the beauty of the starry sky, and remember you are a star. You remember that everything and everyone is connected, and you are powerful in sending out your intent to the universe. The people here like you are creators of the new earth. You are visionaries. You are lightworkers, and you have the blueprint of the new earth in your heart and you are here to dream it and release it collectively. You feel a sense of oneness as you lie here on the sand. You feel connected with the other dreamers, the ocean nearby, the stars, the animals, the crystal you are inside of,who reminds you of your love for mother earth. You feel connected and supported by your higher self at this moment, and to life beyond earth that supports you. This moment is magical and you have a special reason to be here.

You tune into the energies of the ONE that we are, and know that you are here to dream a better world for your loved ones. No one is excluded from your love as you feel that you are everything, and all is contained within you.

You relax and breathe and sink into a altered yet lucid state. You go to your heart and you feel it connect with the space in the center of your head. Heart and mind are one, a unified field. Your masculine and feminine, your right and left brain, are all one in this space. You feel oneness with the other beings in the circle, the crystals and the sand, and the moon and stars and sky. You have a profound knowing that what you create inside will be reflected on the outside, and you and others like you are there to vision a new world. You rest and float in a sense of deep peace, of connectedness with life, of safety and also a sense of possibility. "What if ?" Is being asked by the dreamers here, in their hearts.

What if our culture is having a rash of enlightenment spreading among leaders? And in places that we fear or are oppressed by? A part of you knows fear and oppression are illusions, and you know how your intent is so powerful in changing things. You have seen miracles lately that are unexplainable, and your intention is to trigger more miracles for truth and love to rule.

You see yourself reading a newspaper, a newspaper that shows you that your visioning in this moment makes a difference. Headlines shift to remote viewing of individuals and situations.

TSA Officials Speak out and Demand Respect of the Populace

It really made me change my mind when I thought "What if they were my daughter or mother."

"I saw an agent breaking a guy's arm, and I all of a sudden knew I didn't want to be a part of that anymore."

General comes Forward about Iraq, and pledges to Make Amends for the US Actions

"It actually isn't that unusual. Many of us are having dreams and realizing that we have to be a part of the solution instead of the problem. I am in council with the governments at home and abroad, and they are listening to my ideas about how we can end terrorism with education instead of what we have been doing. We are in council to collectively come up with solutions that are sane and humane."

Meetings at the Whitehouse are Changing

You see a meeting in an office with an American flag, nice furnishings, and faces looking at each other and listening.You hear somebody saying "I got into government because I wanted to make a difference for the people. We have to tell the truth now because it doesn't work any other way, and besides that who I want to be." I see some of the others nodding and lighting up when the words are heard.

You see Janet Napolitano "Big Sis" having a dream about the divine feminine awakening in her, her Mary Magdelene codons in here DNA are firing up with a feeling of internal ecstasy. She wakes up and thinks she is going crazy, then sinks back down into the dream that feels so good. In an instant she sees how she has the power to make lives better, a template from the ONE, and she is connected to the light once again, and her own light shines a little brighter. She goes into the office with a smile on her face and radical ideas on how she can go forward in a new way.

A similar thing happens to Ms. Hilary Clinton. She remembers suddenly who she is, and decides to use her power for the benefit of humanity. She sees how she has been in this role of fighting terrorism, and that she could be embracing light. She feels a light inside her chest and smiles as she looks at a photo of young Chelsea as a girl, and knows she wants to create a beautiful world for her future grandchildren. She remembers some of the words from her speeches when she ran for president, and realizes that now is the time to live them, and that the universe is supporting her. She has another chance!

FEMA: Freedom and Emancipation of the MA, (the Divine Feminine)

Headline: Fences torn Down at Fema Camps all Across the Country

Much joy and celebration happened in peaceful non-violent actions all across the US today. Many people, of all colors, ages and political persuasions came out on unity day and restored the FEMA Camps to Freedom Camps. Fences were torn down and destroyed. The US agency in charge promised to recycle the metal, though many celebrants brought home pieces of barbed wire as a memento of this history making day.

Stories of Enlightenment

Enlightenment is becoming rampant. Newspapers are covering heart warming stories of individuals who decided to make a better world, and are taking action in service to others. A new outlook is emerging that hasn't been seen before, even in places you wouldn't expect like government, the military, prisons, corporate boardrooms, munitions makers, legislative bodies, judges and courtrooms, schools, hospitals, and tax offices. Massive waking up is happening, and it is mainstream.

Enlightenment and Compassion: Not just for Nuns and Monks Anymore

Stories of Waking Up: How it happened for wealthy money moguls, a famous actor, in the TSA, in the oval office, in the highest level of the Prison system, for a police force, in workers and their bosses, in the Republican Party, in the Democratic Party, in the news outlets. It is spreading like wildfire. Many are reporting how they are feeling compassion by seeing from another's point of view. They are all asking "What if that were me, or my son or daughter?"

Explosion of Whistleblower Organanizations like TruthRag.org & Wikileaks Mushrooming

Truth is coming out, and a massive wake up is happening to many. You see a globe lighting up with people who have lights inside their hearts. You see that every being has a light in their heart, and you are finding the circuitry in your inner world to connect the lights. You see it all over planet earth, like Christmas tree lights being turned on. One light turning on causes another to light up. It is like the stars you see overhead from the safe place in which your body is resting.

Bankers speak out on how the US Government is creating an Economic Crisis

And How to Fix it

"The old way isn't working anymore." said a banker from Goldman-Sachs in testimony on Capitol Hill." He admits what the bank executives have done with the government, and that it has gone against divine law. The people know that they have the answers inside them for making sure they get what they need with equitably shared resources for all.

Global Non-Compliance Day, happened with Millions Participating

Pledges were made to not participate anymore in the war economy.The celebrations were creative, and fun and totally peaceful event; with singing, dancing and celebrating and art..

Peaceful Non-Cooperation is happening within organizations, like government.

You see the President is happy and calm. I see him having breakfast with Michele Obama, and both are smiling as he explains that he is here to make a difference and now he might get a chance.He explains how the energy of the world has changed and now he has the freedom to make reforms that have integrity and benefit humans. He says he feels relief that truths have come out and now he can steer the country in the right direction, a humanitarian direction.

Munitions Plants are closing all around the World. Corrupt corporations are going belly up. A new law has been passed to require the involuntary resignation of directors who take part in any corporate practice that harms life.

Walmart has announced changes in Worker Rights becoming Fair and Equitable in Practices

Stock brokers are seeing the bigger picture and deciding to not participate.

Corporations Discover that Economic Survival is in Everyone Owning Something and Working Together

Those brave ones are coming forward, more and more and many are joining them.

You drift in the feeling of peace, the feeling of things working out right, of equality and fairness, of freedom. You feel joyful as you see a child who has enough food for the first time in her life, as do her brothers and sisters and her whole village, because you visioned it. You feel your power in making change in the heart of all things, and you rest peacefully drifting and visioning the new earth and feel it, with deep conviction, coming into form within you.

Please tune inward, and add your vision for the new earth, the now earth, and share headlines or details as they come to you. Collectively we are powerful beyond belief. Thank you.

By: LuminanceRiver

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Shannon is known as Luminance River at Lightworkers, and also at these other sites about ascension. Unity consciousness and oneness is the theme or her channeled material which comes from a group of ascended masters called One which speak individually and collectively through her. She sees herself and you as a part of them, as all of our higher selves are there with the ascended ones. Speaking to One is like speaking to a part of herself. She is connected with Pleaidian energies, inspired by Yin at Gate144 and the beings she channels. Other inspirations include non-duality, Law of Attraction teachings, and vibesync. She is connected to the Family of Light as we all are, and looks forward to the human family waking up to their infinite mulidimensional selves in oneness with each other and all that is.
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