Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa December 31 2010

Komurosan | December 31, 2010 | likes, 1 dislikes

What a most extraordinary year you are about to put behind you, one full of promise that has not quite materialised as you would have hoped. Yet for all that you progressively approach the inevitable changes, that are beginning to become necessary to counteract the collapse of your society. They cannot come too soon as so much is now in place waiting for the opportunity to emerge. However, for whatever experiences remain that you must first go through, the way out will soon become apparent and it will galvanise many people into action. Even those who do not fully understand the importance of these coming times will begin to feel that changes are imminent. More importantly they will realise that they are necessary to move you into a more stable period, that will allow the people motivated by the Light to emerge. You will need firm leadership, and those who will step forward have already been identified. By virtue of their known sympathies and desire for change, they will be seen as honest and trustworthy people. They will have no problem in gathering around them souls of a similar nature that are also enlightened.

Our presence in your skies continues to attract attention, and it is more difficult than ever for those who deny us to turn away from the truth. Disclosure will in some ways be something of an anti-climax, as you have become used to seeing us in your skies. What will stimulate your interest is the questions that are raised as to why such a cover-up continued for so long. One thing will lead to another and the truth will gradually come out. It will both surprise and shock people when they learn that contact with extraterrestrials has been taking place for many, many years. One revelation after another will fill your media, who will no longer be under the restraints that forced them to deny or ridicule us and our spacecraft for so long.

It will soon be obvious that we come to help you cope with the changes, and bring us all together so that we can go forward in unity. The true facts will be made known to you regarding Ascension, and each soul will have every opportunity to join you on this journey. Those who choose otherwise will also be made aware of what the future holds for them. In the Creator's Kingdom all souls are given the same love and equal opportunity to evolve. There are no preferences given as progress is down to your own efforts and by your own choice. At times you may not feel very special but we assure you that you are greatly thought of, and loved for your courage in offering to experience duality in the lower vibrations. In so doing you are carrying out a great service to others who will at some time in the future benefit from it. Other souls can experience through you, and will not need to enter duality themselves.

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