George Kavassilas on Project Camelot Radio

Last Friday I was enlighten to come accross George Kavassilas, who I have resonated quite easily to.  He speaks of the othe side of potarity from the dark side and has revealed the intention for the dark to use conditional LOVE and LIGHT to misguide a mass amount of the human race.  My heart agrees with this and feel that we truly need to go within our own hearts to realize who we truly are and how much we really are capable of doing.  Illuminate UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and you will communicate the light and power that will rise far above the LOVE and LIGHT many are trying to teach.  Follow your intuition and hearts as within you is a true sense of unconditional love that is the highest universal love.

This site has been created to peak your curiosity and to truly prepare you for the Asension of 2012.  Don't be fooled and the only way you will know without a doubt is to go within you and shine your light.  Everything that you have been looking for has always been within you.  Many have been for 1000's of years conditioning humans to believe that you must worship something or some idea to keep you small and that day is over.  Stop breathe and take the time to really go into your heart and connect along with the Sun and The Earth and you will see that which I see and what George Kavassilas has experienced as well.  Seek the unconditional love that you truly are and express your heart from that space and you will truly know that love we are speaking about.  Prepare yourselves and I share my love and light with all creation in this entire universe.  May you find your true selves.  Namaste.


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