Glenn Beck the boy said he could hear 100%


iambuddyhuggins | December 25, 2010 |
Glenn Beck the boy said he could hear 100%

I am I the only one in the world that seen the boy say, he could Glenn Beck 100.
His mother spoke up and said he only hears about 20 to 30%

I love live TV,,,, lol ,,,,,, : )

Category:  Bull Shit :  Go To 8:47  on The Clip Below To Hear The Lie.

Miracles: #4
4. Tracy and Wendell and their son Tyler – Glenn met them yesterday in the bookstore. Tyler only has 30% to 40% hearing and wears a hearing aid.  About an hour before Glenn left for the airport to fly to Wilmington he was delayed by a meeting in his office that he tried to get out of because he was running late.  The people were showing him a new hearing product being developed.  Glenn is going to introduce and pay for the new hearing development just  coincidentally (or maybe not) presented to him.

Remember The “Balloon Boy”


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