Michael Jackson Duet with Akon - Hold My Hand

Michael Jacksons Hold My Hand and the Rainbow Revisited

December 9th 2010 Michael Jackson and Akons duete " Hold My HAND " is released at 12:00 am. Remembering that Michael is our Angel of the Rainbow Bridge we should not be surpised that we see a Rainbow lens flare just moments into the video :)

On the Qabalistic Tree of life there are 22 Paths, of which 1 of every Major 22 Tarot Cards is given a certain path. Each path connects one of the 10 planetary spheres on the tree to the Other (see below). Every Tarot card is the Subjectice process by which our consciousness relates to two Objective planes/spheres/planets of Consciousness symbolized by the Sephiroth. Sagittarius rules the path of Samech which lies on "The Rainbow Bridge" or Middle Pillar of the Tree of Life, being one of two cards that connects the Earthly and Heavenly realms.

For Good measure I posted here how the Card Art or Temperance ruled by Sagittarius connects the Purple Sphere of Yesod the feminine Moon to Tiphareth(where MJ is seated above)the Male sphere of the Sun. We can look at Michael Jacksons career and see that he was very much a bridge between opposites, between racial expectations, gender expectations, cultures and so on MJ was a force to unite the seemingly separate Colors that paint our world.

Michael Jacksons Moonwalker features MJ and the Rainbow further entraining him with Sagittarius the Bowman and the Rainbow Bridge.
Align Left

Michael Jacksons most beutiful Rainbow entrainmen happens with Angelica Houston in Captain EO. We can see that Angelica Houston reasonates with the Lunar Godess DIANA as the Lady of the Lake. She plays the Lady of the Lake in "The Mists of Avalon".

Angelica Houston plays the Goddess Lady of the Lake Diana in Mists of Avalon, and Resonates with the Dark/Light Diana on Crowleys version of Sagittarius or Art's Tarot Card!

Above we see that the Dark/Light Diana and Rainbow are prominently connected as mentioned in Lon Milo Duquettes "Guide to the Thoth Tarot".

Now Lets see Michael Jackson turn Angelica Houston-who played the Moon Goddess Diana in Mists of Avalon- from the Dark Diana to the Light Diana with the power of the Rainbow, resonating strongly with the Qabalistic path of Sagittarius or Samech.

The planet Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and Jupiter is given the Hebrew letter KAPH meaning HAND, Jupiters Sphere on the tree of life is BLUE, making Jupiter the ruler of BLUE PALMS.

Michaels Blue Palm power begins to transform Dark Diana/Angelica Houston into Light as he ascends through love and forgiveness upon the Tree of Life.

MJ turning Diana and her Twin Pillars into Light.

Michael has completed the Task of unifying the Dark and Light, unveiling the beutiful Illuminated DianAngelica Houston. Symbolizing that we have crossed the Sagittarian Rainbow Bridge into the new Aeon of enLIGHTenment.

Michael Jackson was the Moonwalker, and just above the an path of Samech on the tree of life, is one more important card on the Middle Pillar, "the High Preistess" who is the MOONS planetary Tarot Card. We can see here again DIANA with her BOW and RAINBOW, perfectly reflecting Angelica Houstons Ascension and transformation from Dark to Light in Captain Eo.

Heres a video that I made connecting Michael Jackson to the Rainbow Bridge, oddly I created and published this video 11 days before he passed away, I was really delighted by his career and quickly saddend that he was gone.

Michael Jackson the Moon and the Antahkarana part 1

Michael Jackson the Moon and the Antahkarana part 2

Michael Jackson, the Moon, and the Antahkarana Part 2 from Kephera on Vimeo.

MJ has helped us light the way, lets take his hand and cross the Bridge together :)
Love and Peace


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