A New Dream ( Metta)

If a pitcher is worth a thousand words ,,,, A good video is worth a million.

    • David Cook I didn't follow through to watch this but I do notice that your direction on truth has little to do with the traditional view, or even the nontraditonal understanding of the story of Jesus Christ as written in scriptrure. Since it's Christmas, and I do understand the uncommon view that the story of Jesus' birth on a pagan holiday is noteworthy, but does not negate it's truth...........I am wondering Buddy, can you write, in your own words, what the hell you do believe????

    • Buddy Huggins
      I AM Christ, I Am Jesus, I AM Buddha. For me the world is not real.
      I Am Awake in the dream of me dreaming a new day each day when I wake up. ,,,, And I remember I am not a body, I am not Buddy. I remember I Am Sprite, one with that you ...call god. I call my Father.
      Then night comes and I shut down this day and go to sleep, just awake the next day. For me each day is Christmas. ,,,,,

      I do love deeply the one you call Jesus Christ. For me Love is all that is real of this world. The Second Coming of Christ was when peace came to my mind. ,,,,, The last judgment for me is when I stop judging ever thing and ever one. ,,,, I have much to say about these things, but for now I'll just say be Free my friend be Free.


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