Nine Prophecies Given to the Ancestors (Mayan, Hopi, Cherokee) Signs of the Coming Rebirth of a New Earth

Return of the Ancestors – [End Times] Prophecy and Teachings
(by Shaman Kiesha Crowther “Little Grandmother”)
The Prophecies:
  1. White men will come to the land bringing fire and steel that kill…consume everything (not the same as the White men from the stars)
  2. Tipis on wheels made of trees bring many. They are coming. (covered wagon)
  3. Great herds of beasts with horns come to eat everything. (buffalo)
  4. Long iron legs spread across the land (rail roads)
  5. Lines in the skies on top of dead trees (electrical poles)
  6. Roads made of flat stone  (freeways and highways)
  7. Waters turn black choking life (Exxon and BP oil spills)
  8. Blue star explodes in the sky (NASA reported this in 2007)
  9. The return of the Great Light Beings from the stars (Galactic Federation of Light)
eddievibes420 | April 02, 2010 |

On Day #3 of the Return of the Ancestors Gathering in Santa Fe, Little Grandmother, Kiesha Crowther, offered prophecy and teachings. She re-caps those teachings here with a lot of compassion for those who will be going through the coming changes.

The gathering in Santa Fe coincided with international events commemorating the Return of the Ancestors in April, 2009.

This is part 3 of 3 videos covering Kiesha's public meeting where she described the event. Here you'll discover where we are on the time-line of Hopi prophecy and it's very near the time of a tremendous change.


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