The Secret Power by unASLEEP

Unasleep | November 16, 2010 | 
If I told you that with one simple little action you would call forward a power that would recreate your world from top to bottom and begin to make everything in it anew, would you believe me?

Maybe not.

But it's true.

And the funny thing IS....you already know about it. It isn't some insanely deep concept or question to ponder. The only question to ponder is this: How many watching today will choose to use it until it becomes habit, and how many will not? Or in other words, who will change their world for the better, and who will drift back off to sleep into fitful dreams?

Try this unbelievably easy tip and watch it help you begin to unaccountably right the wrongs in your world, as if by magic. And then share it with someone else, for what you have done to or for another, you have also done to or for yourself. So spread the good word. As above, so below. :-)

I hope you enjoy.

Much love to you all!


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