Wesley Snipes will start jail term next week, Rep. Charles Rangel walks free!!

Washington - Action movie star Wesley Snipes has been ordered to start serving his three-year jail sentence for tax offenses next week, media reports said Thursday.
US Marshals ordered the star of 'Blade,' 'Demolition Man' and, ironically, 'US Marshals,' to report to a medium-security lockup in Pennsylvania by noon December 9, the New York Daily News reported.
Snipes, 48, lost an earlier bid to remain free on bail while he appealed the verdict to the US Supreme Court.
Snipes had been found guilty in 2008 of tax evasion, not having filed tax returns from 1999 to 2001. The court in Atlanta, Georgia, rejected the actor's claim that the sentence was 'unreasonable.'
The Blade actor was accused of having hidden some 14 million dollars in unpaid taxes in shell corporations and secret offshore accounts. His lawyers admitted only to tax evasion amounting to 228,000 dollars and said Snipes had been misled by his financial adviser.

Rep. Charles Rangel Walks Free

Can you tell me why this man is not goind to jail?  But Wesley Snipes will!


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