CRUISE INTO 2012 — Surfing the 9th Wave


"CRUISE INTO 2012 — Surfing the 9th Wave"
Norwegian Star 7-Day Cruise to Mexican Riviera
March 5 to 12, 2011
Produced by Susan Shumsky of Divine Travels

Some of our speakers, readers, and healers, and links to their home pages:

Mallku & Alanna

Dr. Carl Johan

Dannion &
Kathryn Brinkley

Jim Marrs

Sondra Ray & Mark Sullivan


Cota Robles

Barbara Lamb

Mike Bara

Elizabeth Joyce

Michael J.

Vickie Gay

Antonia Lau

Christine Savory

Victoria of Light

Richard Rowe

Connie Fisher

Anthony Tung

Annette Gore

David Tralle

Barbara Tralle

Transform the Planet Now!
Join some of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers, authors, visionaries, and experts in the fields of the Mayan Calendar, Great Pyramid, Remote Viewing, NDEs, Spirituality, Ascension, Meditation, Healing, and Prophecy in an amazingly rare spiritual cruise to the Mexican Riviera, where we will celebrate March 9, 2011 - the date on the Mayan calender where we enter the "9th Wave." This vital cusp begins the "Universal Wave Movement - The Wind of Unity Consciousness," which leads to the final culmination point of the Mayan Calendar.
The Ascended Masters and Divine Beings have told us that this unprecedented event is essential to attend--not only for your own personal spiritual enlightenment and ascension, but more importantly, for lifting the vibration of this planet as we co-create the shift into the 9th Wave.
You can be a part of this vital process, as you contribute your spiritual energy to this keystone event. This gathering is going to transform the planet at a time when transformation is critical.
In short, the Beings of Light need you to be a part of this planetary ascension of consciousness, at this time, in this place!
Celebrating March 9, 2011
The 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar
“This is when, for the first time, standing on the balance that the Galactic Underworld has brought, we will begin to sense the supramental consciousness that the Universal Underworld will bring. For all those seeking to become part of the new species of human beings endowed with an unlimited consciousness, this is a time to absorb the new energies of universality.”

—Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, author: The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness

Birth of the New World
The new world of 2012 is not something that simply will drop down on us ready-made from the sky. It is something that is created step by step through the various phases, so called days and nights, of the Mayan calendar that we are living through also at the current time and requires our active and conscious participation in the process as co-creators of this new world. 
In stark contrast to the media focus on a singular date and the end of the world that this purportedly will bring, the only existing inscription about the end of the calendar from ancient Mayan times speaks of the simultaneous manifestation of 9 different cosmic forces.

The Mayan calendar is a description of the exact rhythm with which these cosmic forces are manifesting and so the study of this is critical for anyone seriously wanting to use it for understanding the cosmic plan and how the birth of a new world will take place.

—Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, author: The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness, Stockholm, 11 Ahau (March 7, 2010).


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