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and he did it. “Then Samson went down to Timnah…a lion roar against him. The Spirit of the LORD came upon him mightily and he slew the lion with his bare hands.” Judges 14:5-6

ARE YOU AWAKE YET!!! This is no coincidence! Hercules and Samson, it is the same story. Hercules 2nd task was to defeat the Serpent – Hydra. Ophinuchus is seen in the heavens wrestling with Serpens a giant Serpent, so we see the interchange between Hercules and Ophinuchus. This is just one example in Scripture of all the characters being traceable in ancient mythology.

The Sun has 13 Zodiac houses to move through that represents the Council of the Heavens and Divine Astrology. Jacob had 12 sons and 1 daughter. Jesus also had 12 male Apostles and 1 female Apostle (Mary Magdelene) as his council on earth. As it is above, so it is below.


First of all let’s find out who Ophinuchus is. The name Ophinuchus literally means, Serpent handler. He is also called Serpentarius. The Zodiac sign of Ophinuchus is the Only Zodiac sign that is associated with a real human person. All the others are Gods, demi-gods, supernatural beings, animals or objects etc.

3000 years before Christ in ancient Egypt there lived a man, a high priest, an architect called Imhotep. One of Imhotep’s main abilities was the gift of healing. Imhotep means, One who comes in peace. According to history, he introduced medicine to mankind. Because of his vast knowledge in science, astronomy and many other things some thought of him as a demi-god. After his death many Temples were built for him. These were places where science and spirituality came together. The serpent or snake symbol which is still used today to symbolize the medical profession was also used to represent Imhotep in ancient Egypt. It is called the Caduceus, twin serpents coiled around a pole or phallic symbol.

The Greeks after conquering Egypt later adopted this story and he was called Aesclepius. Many Aesclepian Temples were built in honor of him and the healing arts. Non venomous snakes were used in the Temple-hospitals as were in Egypt. The Greek version became more popular and he was later immortalized through mythology by placing him in the heavens as Ophinuchus. So Imhotep is Ophinuchus. As it is above, so it is below.

[Just to back track a bit for those that yet do not realize how intertwined our language yet is with Mythology and Astrology. Take a look at the names we yet use today. The hero high priest, healer Imhotep, which later was called Aesclepius had 5 daughters. Aceso (Healing), Iaso (Medicine), Panacea (Universal Remedy), Aglaea (Healthy Glow) and Hygieia (Hygiene). Influenza is from Latin, meaning influence of the stars. Disaster from Greek means bad star].
Ophinuchus in mythology was born illegitimately. He is the God of Medicine and the Healing Arts. He was known for even bringing the dead back to life. According to mythology, he had revived so many people and healed so many Hades, God of the underworld became afraid. He was literally emptying Hades (hell); so Hades devised a plan to have Zeus the great God of Heaven and Earth kill Ophinuchus. The Serpens holds the key to immortality, he extracted the elixir from it to resurrect Orion the Hunter; after which he was struck by a lightning bolt of Zeus and killed.

He was immortalized in the heavens as stepping on the Scorpion and being stung in the heel; while handling the giant Serpens wrapped around his body near the center of the Milky Way.

Jesus (Yahshua) was thought to be illegitimate by those who rejected him. He was called the Great Physician, as he went about healing the sick and those oppressed. He was also known to be able to resurrect the dead. Just before he took the sting of death by being crucified; he resurrected Lazarus. He had also said, as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness he must be lifted up. After his crucifixion he went to Hades and emptied it – setting the captive free. He ascended into the heavens as an immortal.

The first prophecy in the Bible was Astrological. “The seed of the woman (Virgo) would bruise the head of the serpent (Scorpio) and he would bruise his heel (the Scorpion stinger).” Genesis 3:15 Look at the image of the Constellations, it is there. This was prophesying about Jesus fulfilling on earth what the heavens had already declared. The Mythology, Astrology and Scripture telling the same story. No coincidence here.

Behold I show you a mystery; the Serpent holds the key to Immortality. Was it not the Serpent in the Garden that unlocked Eve’s mind and said, “you shall not surely die but you shall become as God?” Did not God say, “they have become as one of us?” Ophinuchus brought the dead back to life and healed using something from the Serpens (also symbolizing the DNA structure). Moses lifted up the Serpent on a pole, the ancient symbol he learned in Egypt that came from Imhotep. Jesus (Yahshua) became the Serpent on a Pole (cross) to give life and immortality. The Serpent holds the key to immortality and Astrologically speaking it is tied to why Ophinuchus is rising. Metaphysics point us to the Serpent Brain and the Kundalini Serpent Fire of the Holy Ghost that Must Rise up our spine to explode in the brain to bring immortality. “Be wise as the Serpent”.

The Sun has risen in Ophinuchus, the man with the Serpens wrapped around himself. This is the 13th Zodiac which has been purposely kept hidden is now openly revealed and making headlines. It is no secret or coincidence to me that there are 13 ancient families of a certain secret society that have used the sacred knowledge of this highly mystical Zodiac to bring death instead of life. For ages they have conducted the Black Zodiac rituals to control the masses. However, the existence of such has been strongly denied.

The Rising of Ophinuchus declares a new day. Everything is shifting and the plans of the evil ones are being brought to the light. A higher frequency and consciousness has been prevailing since 10:10:10 (October 10, 2010) to subdue and transmute the darkness to light. The time of miracles and supernatural healing manifestations is about to become the norm. Seeing and hearing about people being raised from the dead will not just be stories we read about in the Bible.

The atmosphere is being flooded with healing energies that are manifesting as mysterious space particles, rays of light and many other things. It will come to pass that as many are suffering from the effects of the Gulf Oil Spill, other man-made illnesses and terminal diseases in the days ahead; healers will rise up. These will mostly be people unknown and do not seek to be known.

Eye see major changes in the Medical Community globally. Eye see whistle blowers exposing the corruption. There will be a group of Physicians and Pharmacists band together- they will renounce the evil practices and vow to honor their oaths. They will gain lot of attention and support.

Eye see medical technology that has been suppressed for decades that has the ability to save life and even bring back the dead will be made known by 2016.

Eye see a spiritual technology being released that will literally heal the environment as groups of people meditate and perform strange energetic holy rituals. There will be documented healing of lakes, rivers, land, trees. Areas where there has been devastation; in a short time will be restored.

Eye see major changes in the DNA of humans and every species on the planet over the next 5 years. The alien DNA (unused 97%) will become activated; clusters of genes will become unlocked as the body human morphs into the divine human.

Expect major discoveries to come out of Egypt and other parts of Africa that will change much of what has been taught to us about history and science.

Ophinuchus Rising is the rising of the Christ Consciousness on the planet. Some may call this the 2nd coming, it is, and it is your coming. It is also the coming and return of Wisdom and Intuition. It is the promise of Peace returning to the earth and the hearts of humans soften.


Much of this huge constellation Ophinuchus handling the Serpens borders Sagittarius. This is northwest of the center of the Milky Way. Our Milky Way Galaxy is a flat galaxy made up of about 300 billion stars which are Suns to an innumerable amount of planets.

The Mayan Calendar long count ends 12-21-12, the day we have heard so much about. (However, compelling evidence show the main astronomical event may be happening 10-28-11 that everyone is looking for based on the short count. Remember, Pope Gregory changed the times and seasons). Nevertheless, an event will take place that has not happened in 26,000 years.

The planets will align and the Sun will align with the Center of the Milky Way. It is the place of utter darkness and also called the Womb of the Galaxy and the Great Rift. It is literally the Gateway to other worlds and dimensions. Astrologically speaking, our Sun must impregnate Sagittarius, Galactic center in order to give birth to the New Age – the Age of Aquarius (Outpouring – Joel 2:28)

How do we know the way to the center? The Arrow of the Centaur (Sagittarius – half man, half horse –another type of the dual nature of Jesus the Christ) is aimed at the center but also aims at the heart of (death)the Scorpion. Between the Arrow and the tip of the Scorpion stinger is the vortex called Galactic Center. This is where our Solar System will be Born Again between 10-28-11 - 12-21-12. "You must be born again." This is the Womb of the new Dawn - "Thy people will be willing in the day of your power; in the beauties of holiness from the womb of the morning, thou has the dew of thy youth." Psalms 110 - the Melchizedek king-Priest Immortality Psalm. This is why the Sun is rising in Ophinuchus now, just above the entry point. (Look at the image closely-see the Arrow of God's deliverance pointing the way)
Opinuchus, the 13th Zodiac sign. The negative side of the number 13 denotes Rebellion, witchcraft, manipulation and control. This is how this secret sign has been used for ages by the power driven enlightened few. The positive side of the number 13 denotes Mastery, Initiation, Overcoming and Power. 1+3=4 4 represents the material plane, as material creation manifested on the 4th day. In short this represents the time has come to detach from materialism and embrace spirituality.

Order of Melchizedek



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