Ralph Okrafo-Smart Return Of The Gods Series

My name is Ralph Okrafo-Smart & being born in London I was fortunate to have grown up experimenting with different forms of skating as a child.

When i was twelve i began Skateboarding, which was the ultimate freedom. This gave me supreme joy to be with friends  skateboarding after school. Growing up in London i was also lucky to have surfed twice in Portugal. I have a deep love for the ocean and waves.

Fast Forward to August 2009, sitting in Hyde Park i saw the strangest looking pair of skates one young man was riding. Feeling they were attached to his feet, only to find out to my amazement later there were not. I later found out these  awesome skates were called Freeline Skates.

Practicing nearly everyday i found people were curious about these skates and clearly wanted to ride them. However freeline skates are not as simple as they look :) & so I decided to teach people 'The Art Of Freeline'.

In 2010 I developed 'Infinite Waters Films' which are a series of short films/documentaries on the art of all forms of skating and surfing.

Nobody can ride the freeline skates for you, however i realised in 'The Art Of Freeline' I could help people overcome some of the tricky hurdles i faced in the beginning when i was learning. This could have saved me a lot of time and frustration. I feel like i am riding on nirvana everytime i step on my freelines.

 It's an indescribable feeling & so expressive, this is what has lead me to create 'The Art Of Freeline. :) Enjoi Your Ride

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