January 22, 2011
President Reagan remarked that during his 5-hour private discussions with Gorbachev, he told [Gorbachev] to think, "how easy his task and mine might be in these meetings that we held if suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet outside in the universe. We'd forget all the little local differences that we have between our countries ..." 1985
"At our meeting in Geneva, the U.S. President said that if the earth faced an invasion by extraterrestrials, the United States and the Soviet Union would join forces to repel such an invasion. I shall not dispute the hypothesis, though I think it's early yet to worry about such an intrusion..." Secretary General Mikhail Gorbachev – Russia Feb. 1987
"I occasionally think," continued Reagan, "how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet, I ask" -- here comes the clincher -- "is not an alien force ALREADY among us?" President Reagan September 1987 @ United Nations
"I've often wondered, what if all of us in the world discovered that we were threatened by an outer -- a power from outer space, from another planet." President Reagan
[Why did President Ronald Reagan make such bold statements about extraterrestrials on at least 5 occasions publicly and even before the UN? Will President Obama be making similar statements soon and in more details revealing our long standing agreement with some of the Alien races]??
Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing in the Bible That Denies the fact that there are what we today may call Aliens or Extraterrestrial Races and Civilizations. In reality the Bible is filled with stories of Alien or ET encounters, spacecrafts, abduction, exchange of technology, genetic engineering and even sexual relations between humans and Aliens/ET's and their offspring. As we continue to move toward a 5th dimensional reality; we will learn to read and study the Bible with new eyes. There has been a fear to accept the facts that humans on planet Earth are not the only beings in the universe because somehow people feel they might have to renounce some of their theology and traditional understanding of the afterlife. I am happy to be the one to tell you, We All Will Have To Re-Think Our Theology. This is a good thing, because the majority of religious doctrines we have today are extremely flawed and have produced much death and destruction. Then, there are others that would relegate any idea of non human entities to the demonic world. This idea is based in a part truth; however, we will show that the majority of non human entities are not what we call demons.
There are about 300 billion galaxies in the known universe; each galaxy has about 300 billion stars or Suns with planets that make up each specific solar system. Our Milky Way Galaxy has about 300 billion Suns/Stars and here we are just a tiny dot on the edge of one of the spiral arms of our galaxy. So far our solar system consists of only one Sun, a second Sun is not impossible in our near future. There are 9 "acknowledged" planets in our solar system; we know so little about our own planet and have many unanswered questions. With the very limited knowledge we have, how can anyone deny the possibility of Extraterrestrial Races possibly much more advance than us?
The Bible (words inspired by God) among many other things is a Book of Codes, Riddles and Parables, it is multi-dimensional and Alive. As human consciousness evolves the codes unlock, the seals are broken and more secrets are revealed. We are in the time of unveiling (apocalypse) and the layers of ignorance are being stripped away. While it is impossible to reveal all the details of creation in the first two chapters of Genesis, we have a good edited version that can help us connect the dots. Due to the depth and magnitude of this subject; we only want to stir your mind to Think and you can do your own research. However, all doubts will be soon be dissolved in the near future as "every eye shall see" and know that we are not alone in the universe. Plus, we expect an official announcement from government and religious leaders in the near future. This is not a "new age" doctrine, it may appear new to modern humans because so much has been purposely hidden from us and we have been so infantile in our understanding of a galactic community. Jesus said the time would come when everything that is hidden would be revealed and all the secrets whispered would be shouted from the housetop, we have come to that time.
Every now and then our dictionary is updated because words that were once used to define something are changed over time. Jesus' message was and yet is, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand". Repent simply means to change your mind, the way you see things; let go of the old thought and ways of doing things, have a paradigm shift. Only then can our eyes become open to what already is. In order for us to fully grasp what's about to happen on the planet it is imperative for us to also redefine some of the ancient terminology and Judeo-Christian words we have been accustomed to. For those that can not or will not, they will be very confused, react violently out of fear and even deny the experience they had with the Creator. (The information we are sharing is from personal experience, revelation and research - we do not purport to be an expert on anything).
Redefining GOD, or the word God. The Being, Creator, Father, Great Spirit, Allah that we call and define as God will always be GOD in that sense and will never change. However, we will come to realize all that has been called God is not the CREATOR; although the CREATOR will always be God. For example, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. " That is the CREATOR GOD, All Intelligence, and Existing Everywhere at the same time, the All Powerful One. However, each time the word "God", Hebrew word "Elohim" (Elohim -plural, family of Gods, strong one, mighty) is used in the Bible it is not always talking about that "Creator God". Sometimes the word is used to describe a ruler, magistrate, angels and even humans. Study Psalms 82 Jesus also spoke to the people of his day and said, "I have said that you are Gods" John 10 quoting from Psalms 82. With this understanding we can now differentiate between Almighty Creator Alpha and Omega God and mighty co-creator Gods (beings, angels, humans, rulers, etc).
Could it be that when our ancestors on this planet saw advanced beings, (astronauts, scientists, and teachers) with advance technology, levitating and flying around in crafts they called them Gods and even worshiped them? How would a primitive undiscovered people living deep in the Amazons or deep in the Congo of Africa view a highly advance human of a different race, dress differently, using our modern technology (weapons, aircraft, holograms, cell phones, etc) today. Would they not be viewed in some sense as a God or supernatural being? Don't forget the definition of the word "repent".
Redefining ANGELS. Angels are messengers, those sent by God with a purpose on an assignment. Although as stated, they are called Gods (El, or Elohim) sometimes in the Bible. In Biblical Hebrew and Christian understanding there are at least 9 Angelic Races. Here is the Hierarchy of Angels divided in 3 spheres of authority (Seraphim, Cherubim, Ophanim/Thrones, - Dominion, Virtues, Powers, - Principalities/Rulers, Archangels, Angels). Some of these Angelic Races are very non-human looking in appearance, for example, the highest race is the Seraphim. Isaiah 6 They are a Reptilian Race, (fiery flying Serpents), even the name "Seraphim" denotes that; but they are closest to the Throne (seat of power) of Creator God. Ophanim are filled with eyes and are sometime called "Wheels". Prophet Daniel saw them Daniel 7:9 - they were also called Thrones. Ezekiel saw them and described their Space Craft (UFO) as a "wheel in the middle of a wheel". Ezekiel 1 The Cherubim were also seen by Ezekiel that can appear as human (face of a man), lion, ox, or eagle. Some of the Angelic Races in the Bible seem to have wings (the ability to FLY- which could also mean flying vehicles –chariots of God were used and seen); while on other occasions they just appeared through a portal into the earth realm.
The Angels that the ancient prophets and righteous people saw were what we today call ALIENS or EXTRATERRESTRIALS. It has long been known that the Angelic Races were assigned to various planets. (Study St Thomas Aquinas) The Creator God is called the LORD of Host throughout Scripture; there are probably hundreds of Trillions of these advance beings throughout the universe. "Is there any number to His armies?" Job 25:2 There are 9 Angelic/Alien Races and it is no coincidence that there are 9 "acknowledged" planets in our Solar System. By our own modern definition of the word Alien or Extraterrestrial, a being that does come from planet earth; the Angels/Aliens are Extraterrestrial. (Someone just had an aha, OMG moment - a paradigm shift just took place). We are not saying that there is Only 9 Extraterrestrial or Alien Races, there are so many more and some of them live on our planet, and if you met them you would not know it. There are also some that live inside our planet.
Humans are coming full circle as a species on the planet, much of what you were taught as science, religion and history was in fact deception. The truth was in plain sight hidden in Parables, Mythology, Legends and Hollywood Movies that's now being revealed as the power of the Holy Spirit uncovers it. What is an ET or Extraterrestrial? Extraterrestrial only means, a being that does not come from the Earth. (There are billions or trillions of planets in the universe). They are from another planet in our solar system or outside our solar system.
Some of these beings are Humanoids (human looking), some are Reptilian (lizzard or serpent like-remember the Serpent in the Garden?), some are Insectoid (locust, praying mantis features), some Hybrid (Half-human -half animal) and some Amphibian (fish, dolphin like). On planet Earth we have been condition to define a person by skin color, body size, gender and overall appearance; whereas more highly advanced species are defined by intelligence and brain power. The physical form that carries the Essence of the Creator God is not relevant; be it animal like, insect like or human like.
IT or Intraterrestrials are those that live inside the Earth. They have been here a very long time and most of them are humanoid in appearance. This part of Earth's history has been covered up and kept secret. Various Indigenous (Indian/Eskimos) tribes have spoke about these beings for thousands of year. Many years ago in northern Canada I sat with Elders that told me many stories that were passed on to them about advance civilizations inside the North Pole. There is also an opening at the South Pole. British explorer Percy Harrison Fawcett in 1925 discovered the same thing. Could that be the real reason airplanes ARE NOT ALLOWED TO FLY over these regions and our satellite images avoid them. Hitler was also looking for the IT's - there has been long believed another portal to Shamballa or Argatha (the Intraterrestrials) exist around Tibet.
DIMENSIONAL BEINGS are those that exist all around us on a higher vibratory frequency out of our natural sight. We call it another dimension. This is the 4th Dimension that we interact with from time to time. This is where many of the beings we call "demon", "ghost" and those crossing over sometimes get trapped exist. They can only operate up to the 4th dimension and manifest in our 3 dimensional world. Where did the non human Dimensional Beings come from? Now that we understand that ET's -Aliens/Angels have been coming to Earth for a very long time, the Bible along with neo-science will start to make more sense.
In Genesis 6:1-4 it speaks about the beings called "sons of God" intermingling with the humans, this was Aliens/Angels having sexual intercourse with humans. Their offspring was Nephilim, the giants. There was actually Alien Abductions and rapes, "They Took Wives whom they chose". These were the angels/aliens that did not keep their first estate. Jude 1:6, 2 Peter 2:4 According to the Book of Enoch chapter 6 there were 200 angels/aliens of the Grigori Race or class that landed on MT Hermon, in Lebanon in the spaceships or what the Bible call “Chariots of God”- they were the "watchers" over humanity. They decided to have sex with the humans, animals and conduct genetic experiments according to the Book of Enoch. Wait! But didn't Jesus say that the angels/aliens are sexless? NO! "For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven." Matthew 22:30 Marriage was given for the purpose of procreation so that the human species would not become extinct. The angelic/alien races are immortal or live for thousands of years, they can become extinct. Jesus did not say they were "sexless", they just don't need to marry for procreation to preserve their races. (More revelation and info will be posted soon on the 11 Races of Giants - demigods hybrids that existed on Earth and how they are being genetically resurrected today to fulfill Jesus' prophesy - As it was in the days of Noah.. ).
Noah was the only one in his day that had not been contaminated with Grigori Alien Race DNA, "Noah was perfect (uncontaminated genetically) in his generation". Genesis 6:9 The Grigori DNA strand was different in some way from higher class or Alien/Angel Race DNA. The mixtures of Grigori DNA with Humans produce extremely intelligent monsters and giants prone to extreme violence among other things. Noah was warned of the coming flood that would destroy the humans, transhumans, and hybrids and everything that had been genetically modified. Since the Nephilim (fallen ones) were half or part human, did you ever wonder what happened to their spirit/soul after the body was destroyed? They became the Dimensional Beings we call "demons". They are limited to the 4th dimension and can manifest in our 3 dimensional world and wreck havoc. This is why it is absolutely imperative for humans and the planet to ascend into the 5th Dimension soon, far above all principalities and negativity or devil consciousness. We are seeing a repeat of the days of Noah (genetic manipulation, cloning, aliens mixing their seed with humans, etc).
Sadly after the flood more Aliens/Angels of the Grigori Race visited Earth and was attracted to humans, had sex with them and produced more Nephilim hybrids. "There were giants in those days and ALSO AFTER THAT". Genesis 6:4 Nimrod was one of their offspring. This is why there is biblical record of Giants up until 1000 years before Christ and other records into our day. What was it about humans that turned the Grigorian’s on and got them so excited that they risk everything? Does the Bible give us a clue? YES!! It was HAIR! They simply could not resist curly, wavy or straight hair. Not the breast or other body parts but HAIR. "So a woman should wear a covering on her head as a sign of authority because the angels are watching". 1 Corinthians 11:10 This is the basis for the custom of women covering their head in Africa, Middle East and later encourage in Greece and western world by Apostle Paul so the angels would not be tempted. (Remember clues are often hidden in plain sight - Star Trek Deep Space 9 and the Grigari Race – no coincidence).
First of all, there is a Creator God and all the illustrations the Bible and other holy books give us are all true, truth masked in parables. “All of these things Jesus spoke in Parables to them, and without a Parable he did not speak unto them.” Matthew 13:34 Jesus (Yahshua) himself boldly stated that He was not of this world, "You are from below; I am from above. You are of this world; I am not of this world." John 8:23 "My kingdom is not of this world". John 18:36
The Angelic/Alien Grigorian and Reptilian Races (remember Eve's encounter with the Serpent, the tree of Technology-knowledge) had contaminated the DNA of humans through sexual relations and genetic engineering. God had already devised a plan to salvage and reprogram human genetics by entering into the human sphere through a virgin called Mary. "A virgin shall get pregnant and bring forth a son". Isaiah 7:14 "He shall be called Jesus (Yahshua), he shall save his people from their sins." Matthew 1:21 Sin means to miss the mark. What mark? The "genetic markers" of humans have been out of sequence since the interaction with the Reptilian - the serpent of Genesis 3. The "genetic markers" are what identify who you are. Humans have been victims of mistaken identity. Jesus (Yahshua) came to give us our true identity individually, planetary and as citizens of a Galactic community.
Is Jesus LORD, the hardcore Christian would ask?! Yes!! Mostly all that you've learned was true, albeit somewhat limited and out of balance. So Jesus is even Lord over those things that Fly About (UFO's) and those that fly them. How do we know this? In my travels over the many years I have had a chance to meet many people on many continents. I have talked with people that felt they were abducted, sexually abused (male & female), heard of stories of impregnation and removal of fetuses. However, what I found most important is those that were able to PREVENT ABDUCTIONS. (First of all, we are not saying that every abduction is sinister and done by rogue aliens/angels or demons - I know for sure personally there are some experience ordained of God for a higher purpose. Plus, we have numerous stories in the Bible where prophets were taken and shown things by angels/aliens).
There have been those being abducted or attacked by dimensional beings (demons) and rogue angels that called out to the name of Jesus in faith and the abduction/attack was stopped. It is usually the "Greys" (grey beings with big heads, thin bodies and bulging black eyes) conducting these types of exercises on humans.
M.U.F.O.N. is a non-profit organization started in 1969, Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network dedicated to the research of UFO's and related subjects. Here is some info that doesn’t normally make the news in the Ufology community; this is recorded on pages 235 and 236 of Alien Discussions: Proceedings of the Abduction Study Conference. "Joe Jordan is an area M.U.F.O.N. Director in Florida. He is also President and founder of CE4 Research Group. As a Christian, Joe counsels people who make the claim of being abducted by “Aliens”. He has collected over 100 cases of people who have used the Name Jesus with authority to stop an abduction. Others have sung CHRISTIAN songs, prayed the Lord’s prayer and other various means of acknowledging Jesus as the source of help. Joe has also compared notes with the Worlds leading Researchers doing abduction counseling. They have confessed the same accounts and do not know what to make of it."
Jesus is LORD over the ET, IT & Others Dimensional Beings
"Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him (Jesus), and given him a name which is above every name: That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven (Extraterrestrial), and things in earth (Terrestrial and Transdimensional), and things under the earth (Intraterrestrial); And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father." Philippians 2:9-11
"And no man in heaven (Extraterrestrial), nor in earth (Terrestrial and Transdimensional) , neither under the earth (Intraterrestrial) , was able to open the book, neither to look thereon...behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof." Revelation 5:3, 5
All Entities are subjected to the name of Jesus and acknowledge Him as LORD. "But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed." Galatians 1:8
EBE=Extraterrestrial Biological Entity. As we have discussed we are using Angel and Alien/ET interchangeably. Have you ever wondered why we don't see the far side of the Moon...well I know what science tells us. (If you are of the belief that NASA and the Government tells the public everything that they know, you will have a hard time accepting this 2007 leaked classified footage below).There was a Classified joint Space Mission in 1976 between American and the Soviets (Russians), it was Apollo 20. A satellite had previous discovered a Huge Crash Mothership on the Moon, of course it is on the far side of the Moon. Scientist estimate that this crash happened over 1 million years ago, the female Astronaut body was well preserved; the male was very badly deteriorated. In our modern day earth language, she looks very much Africanized, the lips, nose and even dreadlocks with slanted eyes and dark skin; her tears are yellow fluid. Do you think it is by coincident that NASA has allowed this footage to be leaked? Could it be something in the genes of ancient Egyptians and African-American people today that yet causes many to prefer braids and dreadlocks? ARE YOU AWAKE YET?!!
(copy and paste video links below)


This is her spaceship (Mothership) below:

What was it really that NASA bombed on the Moon October 2009? Could it have been evidence of this leaked video, or other alien space stations? Could there be forces with NASA that want us to know and other forces want us not to know?
Noah had 3 sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth. We are told that Japheth is the father of the Caucasian Race, Shem is the father of Eastern and Asian Race and Ham is the father of the African (brown/black) Race. Science further tell us that people went from Black, to Brown, to White or Yellow as they migrated out of Africa. I think if I moved to Asia and my descendants did not mix with Asian people for a thousand years they would look basically the same. Only my DNA would determine the features or skin color, not the geography.
We know that human DNA was manipulated and tampered with in Genesis 3, again in Genesis 6 and after that based on Scripture. Could it be that various Angels/Extraterrestrials Races from different parts of the universe contributed their DNA and that’s why we have 3 major races of humans on the planet? (Keep in mind that some alien races are not humanoid). If these beings had mastered space and built gigantic motherships over 1 million years ago, I am sure they knew how to genetically generate or create what we call humans. Our biological make up proves that we share DNA from several species – reptilian, amphibian, primate, etc and the greatest part is unknown. The unknown is what I call Creator God DNA. (We are not denying that God created humans)
If we share DNA with reptiles, shouldn't we have obvious reptilian characteristics? We do! As the human fetus is forming into a baby, it goes through many stages which connect with its major evolutionary points of its current, physical form. There are connections with non-primate mammals, reptiles, and fish. In the eight week, the human embryo takes its own evolutionary route. Occasionally, the embryo fails to remember the last script and the baby is born with a tail! These are called caudal appendages, and most are removed by doctors at birth. But in places like Africa and India, where there is no money to have this operation, there are people walking around with tails to this day! But most telling is our Reptile (serpent) Brain in all humans.
In Hebrew thinking it was believed by the ancients that the 22 Hebrew alphabets which are hieroglyphs are also codes for 22,000 planets with highly intelligent life. Some of those intelligent life forms decided from time to time to conduct covert exercises on planets less developed or to challenge other advance races. They become Rogue Angels/Aliens as the Grigori Race did on this planet and is yet operating today along with other races. When this happens Creator God dispatches other Obedient Angels/Aliens (ie Archangels Michael, Gabriel. Raphiel, etc) to assist the developing planet and its inhabitants. Here is a passage that is now very clear to me, “Do you not know that we will judge angels?” I Corinthians 6:3
Creator God is in control and from His perspective ALL has been reconciled to Him. We are in for some very exciting times. Disclosure is taking place as we speak. TV shows like “V”, “The Event” and the many films that are showing you the various ET Races and some of their intentions. The scripts are very accurate in many ways. On 7/11/2011 “Transformers 3” will be released at the theaters. It is a reenactment of Apollo 20 Classified Mission, only with Cybertronian Robotic Aliens.

How Great is our God.

Order of Melchizedek

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