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'"Hillary Raimo is a unique combination of healer, journalist, and spiritual leader. She has the pitch-perfect combination of left brain intellect and right brain intuition. If she writes it, I read it... so I can know what's really going on in this world." ~ Lorraine Roe, winner of 4 Emmy awards for investigative TV journalism and  author of The Psychic Housewives' Handbook ( Hampton Roads Publishing)
Hillary is a profound healer. She has the ability to bring individuals to the center of their Truth. There is magic in the way she provides safety so that anyone can master all that keeps them from being fully connected and expressed.Esateys, former Board Member of Deepak Chopra’s Center for Mind/Body Connection, author of Help I’m Trapped in a Body! The Power of the Total Body Matrix
“Hillary Raimo is a great source of inspiration for those struggling to discover a deeper spiritual understanding about the mystery of life. She shares examples of awakening though her own life lessons, and encourages others to become curious and expand their own awareness of the essential meaning of existence.”  - Annamaria Hemmingway, author of Practicing Conscious Living and Dying
"I have published many books on extremely varied subjects such as astrology, past-life regression, geology, biology, sacred geometry, and the Mayan Calendar. My work has been devoted to revealing the ancient Cherokee/Pleiadian records that were given to me by my Cherokee grandfather. Now we are poised to make the critical leap, the next stage of our evolution, and these records are helping us move into heart resonance with Earth. Hillary has a brilliant mind that is focused on healing and consciousness, and she is drawing together some of the most meaningful teachers and thinkers of our time. Since we are poised to discover ourselves within Earth’s heart now, Hillary is one of our major guides for navigating a potentially treacherous and exhilarating leap into full consciousness. " ~ Barbara Hand Clow International Mayan Elder (Comunidad Indigena Maya), Cherokee Record Keeper, and internationally acclaimed ceremonial teacher and author of The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind, Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, The Pleiadian Agenda (Bear & Co. Publishing
Hillary’s story is breathtaking and her energy infectious. I can’t wait to read her book.”
Victoria Moran, author of Creating a Charmed Life, Shelter for the Spirit
"Hillary had a wealth of information on many different healing modalities that helped to contribute to our documentary in countless way. Her presence on camera was remarkable as she was very comfortable in front of the camera. We know that Hillary's contribution to The Path documentary will make it that much more successful!' -April Hannah, Producer of The Path Documentary

"I heard you on Red Ice Creations Radio. You are the first feminine voice I have heard that deals with both Earthly and Metaphysical issues succinctly, intelligently, and with intriguing perspective." - Andrea, Georgia, South Carolina


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