Little Grandmother's Message for 2011

"Infinite Love is the love of God, while Love Divine is that manifested by those in their activities who are guided by love divine. These bring Happiness and the experiences of joy; not mere pleasure, not gratification of any of the material things. But differentiate - or, as has been given - put the proper value upon the proper phases of one's experience." Cayce (262-111)

Kiesha Crowther, also known as "Little Grandmother," was initiated as shaman at age 30 by her mother's tribe (Sioux/Salish), and has been recognized by the Continental Council of Indigenous Elders as Wisdom Keeper of North American, responsible for guiding the "Tribe of Many Colors." The daughter of a white father and a Sioux/Salish mother, she grew up in a small farming community in Southern Colorado. As A child she spent long periods of time alone in the wilderness, where she lived with and learned from the four-legged, one-legged, winged-ones and swimmers, as well as the star and stone people. Unaware that she had been identified at a young age by the tribal elders to later be shaman, her young life was marked by many unusual experiences and abilities that she did not understand. As a child, she had been taught by the ancestors, grandmothers past, and Mother Earth, and was known for her ability to sense and communicate with wild animals and to see and work with energy.

Since being initiated on her path as Shaman and Wisdom Keeper, Kiesha has begun to share prophecy and teachings and to conduct sacred ceremony?. She bears the responsibility for carrying and communicating earth wisdom and the ancient prophecies for our current age. Toward this end, she has released videos of her talks, which are freely available on YouTube and which have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people so far all over the globe. Her work as a Wisdom Keeper also includes the planting of sacred crystals in very specific locations around the world for the renewal and strengthening of Mother Earth's precious ley lines. Her powerful message emphasizes how to shift individual and planetary consciousness, how to live in the heart in right relationship with Mother Earth, and to remember who we are - THE GREAT I AM.

Little Grandmother frequently travels, performing earth healing ceremonies and giving workshops and talks nationally and internationally.

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