Neil Kramer, The Cleaver : Occult Of Personality Interview

Neil Kramer - Guerrilla Psychonautics
In the beginning of the interview, Neil describes his experience and background in exploring consciousness, philosophy, and spiritual practice. His description of the use of technology to acquire and disseminate knowledge is notable as is his opinion that mystical philosophies are confirmed by new physics. We’re attempting to explore the nature of human consciousness through our dialogue. Who are we? What are we? Perhaps more to the point – what aren’t we and what are some of the lies that we tell about ourselves and our world?
Wanderer above a Sea of Mist by Caspar David Friedrich
By analyzing and deconstructing consensus reality, Neil’s essays and speeches have the potential to alter perception, change consciousness, awaken, and empower the individual. His experience, eloquence, honesty, and humility are indicative of the authenticity of his work. Neil’s reputation as one of the counterculture’s most thought-provoking writers and speakers is well-deserved.


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