Secrets of Mayan Calendar Unveiled By: Ian Xel Lungold

This is a must watch documentary for all those psychonauts who have been researching on the Mayan calendar and their prophecies. In this documentary, Lungold takes a complex subject like the Mayan Calendar and makes it easy for us to understand their prophecy on a spiritual level. He also explains the Mayan Calendar consists of the schedule of creation that can be overlaid with the past events in human history. This documentary is a recorded lecture in three parts in which, Lungold also answers some questions from the audience. This can also be used as a predictor of what to expect in our near future as we come closer to 2012. Well, we just got one year here. So, I'll say, it's never too late.

Watch Secrets of Mayan Calendar Unveiled Now!

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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