CELESTIAL CHARIOTS OF GOD By: Order of Melchizedek


April 12, 2011

In order to understand the future, it is extremely important to know what has happened in the past. Humanity is coming full circle and there is nothing new under the Sun. Most of what we were told and thought was mythology is actually the history of our civilization.

Thousands of years ago when human were inspired to write what is called Holy Scripture from various cultures; they identified what they saw and experienced based on what they could relate to.

During that era the fastest human vehicles were chariots drawn by horses. "Chariot" was the word used for vehicles of any kind, something with great speed used for transportation and warfare.
In India, it was and still is believed that man descended from Gods who flew fiery crafts (chariots). Early Chinese texts tell of long-lived rulers from the heavens that flew in what they described as "fire-breathing dragons”.

All of the ancient cultures wrote about the Gods flying in chariots and sometime humans also flying with them. In the ancient Hindu Vedic Scriptures of India, the flying machines are described in great details, even how to build them. The flying chariots seem to have a common place in their text from 5000 years ago. The ancient Sanskrit word for them is “Vimana”, which means, flying machine, bird-like; ordinary real aircraft. The Vimanas could fly in the atmosphere, in space and even travel under water.

Quotes from the ancient Vedic Sanskrit writings: "Two storied celestial chariots with many windows." "They roar off into the sky until they appear like comets." "Powered by winged lighting...it was a ship that soared into the air, flying to both the solar and stellar regions."

Look at the drawing from thousands of years ago. What are those (2) objects in the sky that was commonly seen flying 5000 years ago?

We have been following this report with excitement since December 2010. It was first reported in foreign news that during December 2010 - January 2011 Western World leaders, some secretly were flocking to Afghanistan to see the 5000 year old Vimana (spaceship-ufo) that was found in a cave by the military. At least 8 soldiers disappeared into thin air while trying to move it. It is in what is called a “time-well” which is another name for Stargate. The soldiers got sucked into the “time well”. Shortly after Obama and other world leaders left from Afghanistan, there was an unprecedented meeting called. Mostly all the US World Ambassadors were summoned to the White House by Hilary Clinton and briefed February 9, 2011.

(This is not the first time US military “special forces” disappeared or had a bad experience involving Stargates in that part of the world. We posted in 2008 about the discovery of a Stargate in Iraq and what happened to many soldiers. We also reported that the high number of suicides among the military was a “cover story” for experiments gone wrong involving Stargates and ancient alien technology in Iraq/Afghanistan). ARE YOU AWAKE YET??!!

According to the ancient writings in the cave where the Vimana was discovered, this particular Vimana belonged to the ancient Prophet Zoroaster from Persia (modern day IRAN), he was believed to have lived around 1800 BC- 500 BC (or during that complete time span by some-that would be nearly 300 years). Zoroastrianism was once the world largest religion of the ancient world - belief in a Creator that is All Good and Loving. Zoroaster was known for his powers to work miracles or as some called it magic. (Copy & paste link below)

The ancient Hakatha (Laws of the Babylonians) states: "The privilege of operating a flying machine is great. The knowledge of flight is among the most ancient of our inheritances. A gift from 'those from upon high'. We received it from them as a means of saving many lives." This quote is over 2500 years old from ancient Babylon, which is modern day Iraq. (This was around the same time Ezekiel saw them).

BY THE WAY, WHY DID THE FBI LEAK A MEMO OF AN INFORMANT REPORTING THE 1947 UFO ROSWELL CRASH TODAY? Why are we sharing these things? Because the Bible, the Prophets and all Holy Book speak about them. Let's not be like this guy.


[We will look at Scripture below literally, realizing the sacred text is multi-dimensional]
Around 5000 years ago Enoch writes about the Watchers that “descended” on Mt. Hermon in Lebanon. “And the Watchers, sons of heaven saw them (human women) and desired them…And they descended on the peaks of Mount Hermon”. 1 Enoch 6:1, 7:1 - This is why the father of Enoch was named Jared, which means, they descended; to descend. This is also where the word Jordan (Jordan River) comes from, which means to descend. A study of the names of the 10 generations starting with Adam – Noah conceals the history and prophesies the future of civilization on the planet that involves humans, angels/aliens and hybrids (Nephilim).
From this scripture we see that the beings called sons of heaven, sons of God, or angels are what we today called Extraterrestrials (not earth born) or Aliens. They came in crafts called by people on earth, “Chariots of the Gods,” “Vimanas,” “Cherubim”, “Spaceships or UFO’s”.

3000 years ago David the Psalmist wrote, “The chariots of God are twenty thousand, even thousands of angels: the Lord is among them, as in Sinai, in the holy place. Thou hast ascended on high, thou hast led captivity captive: thou hast received gifts for men; yea, for the rebellious also, that the Lord God might dwell among them”. Psalms 68:17-18 - "Is there any number to His armies?" Job 25:2

“For, behold, the LORD will come with fire, and with his chariots like a whirlwind…”
Isaiah 66:5 (2800 years ago).
“And I turned, and lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and, behold, there came four chariots out from between two mountains; and the mountains were mountains of brass.” Zechariah 6:1 - He also described one as being shaped like a roll (today they call it the cigar-shaped UFO that is often seen). Zechariah 5:1 (2600 years ago)
Prophet Elijah was taken in what the people could best describe as a chariot of fire that created a whirlwind. 2 Kings 2:11 (In the Sanskrit language of the sacred Hindu Writings it was not uncommon for humans to fly on the chariots with the Gods).

Prophet Ezekiel gives a detail description of the crafts that he saw in the sky and that landed near him while he was in ancient Iraq (Babylon). He described them as a wheel in the midst of a wheel, (circular-saucer shape vehicle with a smaller circular compartment underneath) full of eyes (chamber of windows all around it) brightness (metallic color). He describes it as a living creature, the four wings (4 areas that make up the disc shape), the pilots look like men with symbols of the fixed Zodiac Signs (Ox- Taurus, Eagle-Scorpio, Lion-Leo, Man-Aquarius – they form the Grand Cosmic Cross) on their craft or clothing. The crafts feet were like calf’s feet (the legs of the ship, rigid and flat), there was a man’s hand underneath (small compartment that open and closed), and the lights were flashing like the colors of fire (red, blue, amber flashing lights on around the craft). There was a crystal firmament over their head (a dome clear rising in the center of the craft that revealed the pilots-cockpit).
Ezekiel called the crafts “Cherubim”, he had no name in his vocabulary to describe them. Ezekiel 10 They could perform amazing aerodynamics (lift off straight up, sharp turns, hover, and great speed). Ezekiel 1:14 “They move as lightning”. I should also add that the Ophanim, the 3rd highest class of the angelic were called Wheels and Thrones. They represent and are called the flying circular “wheels” shaped objects.

One very important point that Ezekiel makes in his description is, “For the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels and wherever the spirit was to go, they went.” Ezekiel 1:19-21 These chariots, crafts were piloted by THOUGHT, the beings and the crafts were as one. Whatever direction the angel/alien (pilot) thought, the vehicle would immediately move in that direction at the speed of thought; the spirit (thought, mind) of the living creature (Wheels-Ophanim) was in the wheel (vehicle). These are the flying “wheels” circular or saucer shaped objects.

The seat or throne of the vehicle is like a super high tech bio-mechanical throne/seat that draws from and amplifies the brain waves and biorhythms patterns of the one occupying it. What I mean by occupying it is, being plugged in mentally. There is no need for pushing lots of buttons or maneuvering a joystick or steering wheel to move from here to there or to instantly stop. It is all controlled psychically or what we may call by Spirit or thought.

These angels can travel at the speed of thought.
Another name for the Ophanim (Thrones or Wheels) filled with eyes is MERKABAH. Merkabah in Hebrew derived from the consonants (R-K-B) means to ride, a throne- chariot of God – mentioned 44 times in the Bible. This is what God and his angels ride upon.

For humans that are realizing their divineness, the Merkabah is your Light-Body Vehicle that gives you the ability to travel at the speed of thought/spirit. This is completely activated when your 7 glands of the Endocrine System or 7 Chakras or Christian terminology-7 Spirits of God; which are “spinning wheels of energy” are spinning or vibrating at the same frequency. This will produce a greater auric field of energy of Pure Light expanded out from and around your being. This white field of energy becomes your Vehicle of Light, Celestial Chariot of God, Spaceship and Chariot of Fire that has the ability to carry the physical you anywhere in the Universe. The Pineal Gland becomes the Stargate and the pilot of your Light-body vehicle, the super EYE AM that, EYE AM within. The Merkabah becomes your Chariot of Ascension. Mer=Light, Ka=Spirit, Bah=Body. So far there has been only a few down throughout the ages that have mastered the flesh and soulic bodies to the point of being clothed with LIGHT while in the physical world. That is changing NOW. Be like this.

Can Chariots (UFOs) create their own atmosphere? Yes. They can create whirlwind, lightning, fire, storms, but their favorite is Clouds. “God clothes Himself with the clouds.” Clouds are perfect for cloaking when they come close in our atmosphere. (This is accurately depicted in most sci-fi movies about extraterrestrials).
“He lays the beams of his chambers in the waters: makes the clouds his chariot: and walks upon the wings of the wind … who makes his angels spirits and ministers a flame of fire.” Psalms 104:3-4

“Behold, he shall come up as clouds, and his chariots shall be as a whirlwind: his horses are swifter than eagles”.
Jeremiah 4:13
According to Scripture, Yahweh Himself even flies in one of these vehicles. “And he rode upon a cherub, and did fly, yea, he flew swiftly upon the wings of the wind. He made the dark his secret place; his tent round him was the dark waters and thick clouds of the skies.” Psalms 18:10-11 Is this why Ezekiel called the vehicle a cherubim? We have at least(2) passages of Scripture identifying the space vehicles as Cherubim in Hebrew thinking.

Throughout the Bible we find what is called the “glory of God” manifesting as a cloud. Over 3500 years ago Yahweh set up His Tabernacle cloaked with a cloud above the Sinai desert and communicated with Moses and the people for 40 years. “The chariots of God are twenty thousand, even thousands of angels: the Lord is among them, as in Sinai, in the holy place.” Psalms 68:17 Exodus stated that there was lightning, thick clouds, and loud sounds that Moses ascended into to meet with God. On one occasion God revealed Himself to the elders and ate with them. Exodus 24:9-18 In the New Testament a Cloud appears at Jesus’ baptism, transfiguration and death. The resurrected Jesus ascended in a cloud; he says he is coming back with clouds Acts 1:9-11 Matthew 24:30-31 - Not only that, but myriads of his holy ones that have developed and learned to fly the Merkabah.
Just to recap a bit. (Keep in mind, we are only sharing insight, revelation and information-no one is required to accept or believe scripture, history, facts or revelation). We have learned based on Biblical scripture, other Sacred Text and quotes that what we have called angels and God flies on what we know today as UFO’s and spacecrafts. We learned that some of the angels (these may be called fallen angels) interacted sexually with humans. From Scripture it appears that there are fallen sons of God (angels) that fly crafts called chariots and obedient son of God (angels) that fly crafts called chariots. We must be able to discern TRUTH in this day of great deception.

Those fallen disobedient ones have allied themselves with the wicked governments of this world and false religion; thus we see all the wars, corruption, greed and human suffering. But wait…Eye am hearing some good news. “The kingdoms (governments) of this world are becoming the kingdom of God and His anointed Ones (us)”. Of the increase of His government there shall be no end.”

He’s coming with clouds also in the literal sense.
For many years we have been prophesying about this time where there would be an increase of UFO (celestial chariots) activity. There is hardly a week that goes by where signs are not appearing in the heavens (sky).


Keep in mind it was common to see space crafts moving at extremely high speed over 5000 years ago (3000 BC). If these objects really existed over 5000 years ago, could there possibly be some evidence today? Over the years we have stated that USA military is not occupying Iraq and Afghanistan just for their wealth of resources alone. There is a far deeper interest in this ancient region that’s so bizarre the average western mind would find it hard to believe. In the past we’ve mentioned that the military and Special Forces are there to locate and secure Stargates, and locate ancient technology also. Stargates around the planet has been opening and are scheduled to be opened in the near future. Most of these openings are taking place during the alignments, conjuncting and movements of various celestial bodies. The unlocking and opening of these Stargates and Vortices have been plan and timed with exact precision thousands of years ago. As they open, more Celestial Chariots (UFO’s) will be seen in our atmosphere; that’s partially why there is an increase of sightings worldwide.

The very first Biblical mentioning of a Stargate is in Genesis 11 which was built by Nimrod. It is called the Tower, later called Babel or Tower of Babel, which was erected in Babylon. It was to serve as a portal from this side (Earth side) to activate the existing Stargate already in place. Babylon in the Akkadian language that the Babylonians (people of that region) spoke means, Gateway of the Gods. The Gateway of the Gods was how the Gods entered into and left Earth’s atmosphere-Stargate. It was like a Wormhole or Vortex that allowed “highly advanced spiritual beings” from other worlds, star systems to come to Earth in a very short time instead of traveling hundred of light-years. (Unfortunately, not all the highly advanced intelligent beings have human’s best interest in mind).

Akkadian is an extinct Semitic language (part of the greater Afroasiatic language spoken in Mesopotamia). The Biblical name for Akkadian or Akkad is Accad- Genesis 10:10

Nimrod was a hybrid, or Nephilim (fallen one), meaning he was mixed with angelic/alien and human due to one of his parents being extraterrestrial. (See our article @ http://www.atam.org/UFO.html to understand how this is possible). He had the technology and intelligence from his alien ancestry of how to build the Stargate. “Come, let us build a city and tower, whose top may reach unto heaven (stars)”. Genesis 11:4 Nimrod had rebelled against Yahweh and become a hunter, seeking to destroy even Yahweh. Genesis 10:8-9 (Also according to the Babylonian “Code of Hammurabi”-oldest known writings in the world).

So we see that it was not exactly like we were told in Sunday School, that Nimrod built a Tower to escape another flood. Yahweh had already declared there would not be another one like that. The purpose for the Tower was for inter-planetary and stellar travel and for him and other Nephilim (hybrids) to connect back with their alien/angelic ancestry. The “watchers” of the Grigori Angelic Race (contemporary term is – an Alien Race) that left their first estate to mate with humans produced highly intelligent but violent-murderous offspring, as Nimrod was a hunter and not just of animals. Genesis 6:1-5

Yahweh and his host seeing the impure self-serving condition of the human heart and hybrids (Nephilim) would not allow them to reach their goal of inter-planetary or stellar travel through the Stargate. He destroyed it, and evidence of it yet exists today. “And the LORD (Yahweh) came down to see the city and tower…” Genesis 11:5-9 You must realize, this was yet the “days of Noah”, he was yet alive to see Nimrod his great grandson. Jesus told us that we would see a repeat of what happened over 5000 years ago in this day.

There is a battle within the minds of humans and for the minds of humans by the dark forces, but there is also a battle for planet Earth. This battle will intensify and climax in what is called Armageddon literally. Most of Earth’s human rulers have aligned themselves with the fallen ones in exchange for power, technology and wealth. They know He is coming, but they have been deceived into thinking they could close the Stargates, and defeat the King of Glory and the armies of the heavens with alien technology, inter-dimensional beings and NATO forces. “Why do the nations rage and imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together against the LORD, and against his anointed ones…But he who sits in the heavens laughs at them.”

Psalms 2 ha ha ha ha - Revelation 19 says it will be a blood bath – Jesus, King of kings and the forces of Light will be victorious.

The truth of what is happening in the world is more exciting, intriguing and fascinating than any sci-fi movie that has been produced. It is so far out that it is indeed unbelievable by western programmed minds, thus, the governments of this world have been able to carry on in plain sight their wicked agendas.

Questions to help you to THINK outside the box? Why are there so many prophecies in the Bible about BABYLON to be fulfilled in our time?? Did you not just learn that Babylon means, Gateway of the Gods; Stargate? Is not ancient Babylon modern day IRAQ? What is the main reason for building the LHC (Large Haldron Collider)? Is it not to open Stargates and other dimensions? What is NASA really all about? Could there be many world leaders that do not want the Gateway of the Gods opened because it would mean the end for the kingdoms of this world system and the beginning of a glorious new world? Are there Special Forces trained and deployed around the world to use ancient alien Nephilim technology to prevent certain Stargates from opening and to open others that would assist their satanic agenda? Do you not realize that the governments of this world are fully aware and on alert? Do you also realize they will not be successful?!!!! Lift up your heads, oh ye Gates (you are the stargates), even you everlasting doors and the King of Glory SHALL COME IN...Who is the King of Glory?? The LORD (Yahweh), strong and mighty in battle, he is the King of Glory. Psalms 24:7-10 HALLELUYAH !!!! They can’t stop it!! They can’t stop it!! THE KING IS COMING!!! ARE YOU AWAKE YET???!!!!!!

Experience the song and lyrics below by Civil Twilight “Letters From The Sky”, turn your volume high, listen, hear and feel this again and again.

There is a hidden message hidden in 12/21/12 that's speaking of a coming, we are only showing you the hidden Gematria message-we are saying nothing more. In Gematria each letter of the alphabet has a numeric value.

1 2 / 2 1 / 1 2

A B B A - A B

Using the Hebrew & Aramaic Alphabet to decode December 21, 2012 the Hidden Mystery is ABBA AB or Father Come (Father is Coming) - Or reading in reverse as Hebrew & Aramaic is written it is Come Father (Coming Father).


EYE was told to release a decree of destruction to a HAARP Facility, as Eye did - EYE saw an explosion/blast. It will be downplayed in western media -Eye was not give a date but Eye feel soon (this year). This will be a sign unto you of the Word of LORD that's being proclaimed an nothing can stop God's invasion. 4/12/11

Coming SHIFT DATES - April 17-20, 2011 - Watch & Pray



P O BOX 7113


[Shout out from this to my friend and brother Mike Gebler of Vancouver Island, BC that decided to cross over on 4-11-11 - Keep his wife Barb in prayer].


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