Ritual Killings Called Wars


April 3, 2011

Shalom People of the Most High God,

"And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens...and let them be for signs..."
Genesis 1:14 Signs (owth) distinguishing marks, omens, tokens, warning, miracles; proof, to tell the truth. We see here that the Creator established a celestial order of revealing truth from the beginning. The planets, constellations and heavenly orbs are there to prophesy the Word of the LORD. They are the only Prophets that can never miss, never lie or exaggerate. They simply tell the truth by their distinguishing marks, formations and movements proving there is a Universal Intelligence at work showing humanity what shall be and what has been. Those of us that do interpret them can mis-read or mistranslate how the energy in space affects the planet, nevertheless, the heavens can only declare truth.

(New Moon, Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Mars and Jupiter in Aries, opposite Saturn in Libra) Mars moves in Aries from April 3- May 11- Mars conjunct with Uranus and the New Moon. Uranus represents radical transformation, change and revolution, innovation, technology and the bringing of heaven to earth. Mars represent conflict, warfare, intensity, activity, energy,and creativity. The New Moon is representing a fresh start and development. Mercury is also in Aries, the big guys Sun and Jupiter are there and Saturn is opposing in Libra. There is so much energy hitting the planet at this time and all I can say is "Hold On". We are in for a very fast ride of Change in just about every aspect of life.
EYE see major doors opening for opportunities but the windows of opportunity will shut very fast. So do what you must do quickly to get the best benefits and achieve your goals. This energy can be used to create good or evil. Remain in an attitude of Love and peace because there will be many things competing to draw you into negativity.

EYE see this will be a season of new beginnings for many. This will manifest in career changes, moving to a different location (zip code, state & country for some), dead relationships will drop off without the efforts of trying to get out of them peacefully. There will be such a Shift and turn around in many things within the next 45 days. There will be a lot of movement across the planet some through displacement, some are being moved upon by destiny and others are following an inner Voice.

EYE see the precious Metal Market (Gold, Silver, etc) will drop between Spring & Summer but not for long - then they will start spiking to phenomenal levels.
Jupiter's influence is announcing blessings and prosperity that Mars & Mercury will hasten to manifest - Saturn's influence is opposing what is just and right and would love to keep many in old limited paradigms. Thankfully the Sun of Righteousness and New Moon will prevail and bring hope and balance.
(Spirit sometimes reveals the future so that we can change it. Pray about theses things)

Mars will be in Aries with Uranus April 3 - May 11, 2011 - (the end of the 4th set of Shift Dates May 7-9) We are already seeing the effects of Mars coming into Aries played out as the war theaters become more intense. Uranus moved into Aries March 11 announcing the 9.0 Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Meltdown which is causing change for the entire world and we are seeing a conscious revolution happening daily worldwide. But now we have Mars the Roman god of War, destruction and death conjunct with Uranus in Aries which is also the Greek god of War in mythology. This is a recipe for chaos, disaster and high level destruction on the planet especially over the next month and half. This is why you are seeing the increase in warfare and violence worldwide. Over 1000 killed in Ivory Coast yesterday, 9 killed in Afghanistan in retaliation to the idiots that burned the Holy Koran in Florida, the escalation of the war in Libya, peaceful protest turning violent, etc. Mars in Aries with Uranus is showing an increase of Violence and Bloodshed globally.

[The new war in Libya was prophesied on October 30, 2010 - http://www.atam.org/GrandCross2.html - - "EYE see and hear the War-Drums beating again loudly - as new wars break out and old wars restart over the next 6 months."]

EYE see that between April 17-20 are highly vulnerable days for Great Loss of life. This may manifest in multiple ways - Further Explosions @ Fukushima Nuclear Reactors, Major Volcano Eruption, Major Earthquake or the on-going Wars/Conflict will be taken to another level. "EXPLOSION" is the word Eye am seeing and Fire. Due to the cycle we are in- we will be seeing multiple disasters played out on different continents around the same time. (We have the ability to change this or lessen the impact)

EYE am yet seeing/sensing Major Air Disasters - most vulnerable over the next 10 days April 3-13, 2011. (Calling on intercessors to really pray about this)

EYE am seeing - hearing "Outbreak of Fires" very strange but headlines & or anchor person will use the exact phrase. (arson, lightning and early forest fires- buildings ablaze out of control- various locations)

EYE see there will be spherical objects - metallic looking (not a craft, smaller)- They will be seen, filmed and recorded. Not just in the sky but very low-daytime, you will see it in the news-they will be called "alien probes". (You have permission to laughed- I even laughed at this one when EYE saw it)

Each of us are an individual candlestick, light-being whether we are aware of it or not. Some of those that are aware are being repositioned on the planet to connect with Earth's grids, sacred energy lines and vortices to operate out of "safe zones". As the planet enters further into the "planetary shifts dates" (list of dates we shared in previous writings), it will be necessary for the light-workers, intercessor to be able to literally stabilize the planet as it goes through a phase of "convulsions". These convulsions are catastrophic earth changes, the birthing of a new heaven and new earth literally. Don't become distracted by the outer world and neglect the personal changes that needs to be made.
So what is all this about? It is about your transformation that will enable you to live in the new world. The heavens are shouting "Change" or go down with the 3-D world of illusions that's quickly passing away. No government, religion, or bail out can save it. It is terminally ill and the plug is about to be pulled. Your only escape is in the Christ, just let go of the world that you are familiar with to be released into the unfamiliar world that's waiting for you here and Now all around you.
Last month in a publication after the USA, Britain & France attacked Libya I posed a question. Was this coincidence that Libya was attacked on March 19, 2011 and Bush started the War with Iraq on March 19, 2003? The answer is, No! Ok, before I get into this part I realize that some of our readers feel they have evolved to a level of consciousness where there is no more supernatural, there is no entity called satan - it's only the carnal mind and there is really no entity called God outside of man. Sorry, but I haven't evolved there yet so bear with me. EYE think in about the next 7-9 months everybody's theology will be drastically changing.
As unbelievable and archaic as it may sound, many of your Elected Officials in the highest offices globally, a great part of High Ranking Military, NASA, CIA, FBI, Mossad, MI-5, Global Elite, etc are dedicated to a religion that they practice with greater passion and belief than most Christian practice theirs. I would call it satanism, although there are various forms of it. Yep, they actually do believe to such a degree that they often make "ritual human and blood sacrifices" to him. They spare no expense.
Over 2500 years ago in the Persian Empire (ancient Iraq-Babylon) there was a man called Haman, he detested the Judahites and sought the heavenly prophets (zodiac-constellations) that can not lie to determine what day the heavens would be influencing the earth, specifically Persia to give them victory. Just as each person has a zodiac sign, each nation also has one. The information of the heavens can be used for good or evil, nothing is evil of itself. (The Magi used the prophetic information for good to find the Messiah). "Haman cast lots (Pur)". This was astrological forecasting. Esther 3 The celestial prophets that can not lie said that the 13th date of the 12th month - equivalent to our February/March due to the Hebrew Calendar being a Lunar-Solar Calendar would be the day to wage war. If it had not been for Mordecai and Esther the Judahites would have been destroyed from which line the Messiah descended. Because their heavens can not lie, the only things that could reverse the influence was an emergency fast (no food or water) for 3 days. So on the day the Judahites was suppose to be destroyed; Haman, his family and thousands of others were killed by the Judahites throughout the Persian Empire. To this day for those who practice Judaism it is called a day of vengeance on those perceived as their enemies. In the synagogues they stomp the floors and curse their perceived enemies. This Festival of Revenge is called PURIM, taken from the word Pur which means astrological forecasting. (On the positive side this festival is also a celebration of deliverance and reversal ).
Ok, so how does this fit into Libya and the War? Wait, lets just go back a bit further. There is a goddess of War that was worshiped and yet is today. The Greeks called her Athena (we mention her in an Archived writing called Medusa Effect), in Roman Mythology she is called Minerva. Long before Haman and the Persian Empire, blood had to be shed and ritual human sacrifices had to be made through violence/warfare on her birthday. Her birthday was celebrated on what today is celebrated a Purim - and up to 4 days after blood had to be shed in her honor and worship. On the Gregorian Calendar March 19, 2003 was her birthday - she demanded blood, lots of it and ritual human sacrifice from her worshipers. Shock & Awe it was called as missiles and bombs rained on the Iraqi people with full support of most Christians in America. An estimate of 200,000 was killed in a single day for Minerva/Athena. Oh you don't believe this? Daniel 11:38 prophesying about the leaders of our time, "He shall honor the god of forces (warfare)..." Could that be coincidence? Operation Desert Storm led by Bush Sr. was ended February 28, 1991 on Purim with a massacre as 150,000 Iraqi fled on what was named the "highway of death". Purim - Minerva's Birthday may fall in our February or March, depending on the Hebrew Calendar. In 1994 on Purim, Israeli "settler" Baruch Goldstein gunned down 30 Palestinians praying in a mosque in what is now known as the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre. So we see this Satanic Ritual Massacre goes back for thousands of years.
Minerva wanted more blood and human sacrifice for her birthday this year - she promises power, wealth and protection. The evil doers powers are weakening as Light increases- they see the system they have created is crumbling right before their eyes and they can not stop it. Therefore, Libya had to be "ritually" bombed March 19, 2011. None of the Muslims countries that's being invaded and about to be invaded where the innocent are being killed is for the reasons they are telling you. ARE YOU AWAKE YET??!! They have sown seeds of hated and division, preying on the weak minds of many Believers, creating an enemy that does not exist to keep you afraid, off balance and filled with negative emotions toward people you don't even know.


One last far out thought/revelation, you are not required to believe it. This is on a darker occultic level of understanding. The gods always required the purest form of sacrifice. Even Yahweh rebuked the people for bringing the blind and lame animals. The gods that be no gods also require the purest form of sacrifice- in satanic blood rituals the best offering would be a virgin. What power is released by the "ritual" sacrifice of virgins? hmmm Is there not a very high population of virgins (male & female) in the Muslim world due to Sharia Law and the culture? Are You Awake Yet?!

Such an exciting time to be alive and Awake. Most of what we have learned about science, history and religion is about to be tossed out. We are having a global paradigm shift as the end of this age rapidly approaches. We are about to see some of the most phenomenal and strangest things-these things are hidden in the Word of God (Bible) and other sacred text. Can you image looking out of your window or going out on your porch and see another celestial body (planet etc) move into the center of our solar system? I am sure some are thinking that will never happen. Others are thinking that would be catastrophic- you're right. As it was in the days of Noah, the earth had to experience great change to produce the new earth. Jesus said it would be the same way in our time.
What strange times we are in. We get to breath in toxic air filled with radioactive particles, eat food that has been genetically altered and contaminated with radioactive material that's constantly billowing up from the failed Nuclear Reactors and being rained into our soil. Our water is filled with fluoride and psychotropic mind altering drugs to keep us slow, docile and dumb. Many further brain wash and program themselves with hateful Talk Radio, hateful divisive Religious programs, Cable News and Un-Reality shows. The Economy is falling apart, people are protesting, Earthquake, 

Famine...the list of bad news is unending.
The good news is, "Jesus the same, yesterday, today and forevermore." "Eye AM the LORD God and Eye Change not." "Eye can eat deadly poisonous things (GMO-radioactive food) and it will not harm me". (The moment it touches your skin it is transmuted to nutrition) "No weapon formed against me can prosper". "Eye am blessed when Eye go out and when Eye come in". "Eye dwell in the secret place of the Most High and abide under the shadow of the Almighty". "The Commander of the armies of heaven is among us, He will come and save us." "Be still and know that Eye Am God".



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