HAARP Ring Outbreak - 5/22/2011


From: dutchsinse  | May 21, 2011  | 3,534 views

All areas listed have "HAARP VLF UHF" ring activity. All areas listed should expect severe weather up to and including tornadoes in the next 24 to 48 hours. I know it is a large number of cities to list.. but each on has its own ring indicating a "hit threat" within 24-48 hours from now.. 5.22.2011 @ 145am CST

Little Rock Arkansas, direct center of city.

Nacogdoches, Louisiana

Fort Polk and Alexandria Louisiana

Evansville, Indiana

Pittsburg Pennsylvannia

Dice, Taulbee Kentucky

Ada Minnesota

South of Belton Kansas

Austin and San Antonio Texas

Saint Louis, Missouri

Fort Smith Arkansas

Greenbay Wisconsin

Des Moines Iowa


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