Celebrate the Midpoint of the Fourth day, July 3, 2011 with the Jerusalem Hug

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Dear Friends,
About six weeks from now, July 3-4, 2011 we are coming to the midpoint of the Fourth day and in fact of the whole Ninth wave. I think an excellent way of celebrating and fulfilling the ultimate intention of this wave of generating freedom and oneness is to participate in the Jerusalem Hug on July 3rd:  http://www.jerusalemhug.org/ and I have written an article about this topic:http://mayanninthwave.com/midpoint-of-the-4th-day/. The underlying idea is very simple, namely that by expressing our love for this Old City and not identifying with any particular side in this long-standing conflict
we may help to dissolve the walls, mental and physical, that separate people in this center of several religions. Some people will want to go directly to Jerusalem to be part of the actual holding hands there, but I feel that the rest of us may very well participate by creating a world wide event of circles, or medicine wheels, that serves a spiritual participation and back-up for those that are actually there. I feel the time
has come for us to let this event be known and to start to organize events that are supportive of it. Maybe the creation of a New Jerusalem is a matter for the whole world to take part in and cannot be done without the rest of us expressing our support for freedom and unity there. 
Carl Johan

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July 3-4: The Jerusalem Hug (www.jerusalemhug.org)
The aim of the “Jerusalem Hug” is to promote a peaceful experience, a life of freedom and joy to all people. The “Jerusalem Hug” will focus on love, respect and unity between all people. With this attitude the participants will spread out around the walls of the Old City holding hands, singing and praying for peace and respect for all humankind.

The Jerusalem Hug and the Venus Transit, June 6, 2012
If the Arabic and Muslim worlds have been affected by the collapse of the Planetary midline as part of the end to dominance we may also speculate as to what this might mean regarding the relationships between the different religions that have a common origin in the Middle East. As we saw earlier the three Abrahamic religions all have an origin in the duality of the National Underworld, with an energetic difference between the Judaeo-Christian tradition expanding during its DAYS and the Islamic during NIGHTS, which explains the more collective nature of the latter. If the dominance introduced during the National Underworld is now to come to an end, then we would expect that also the antagonistic division lines between these religions would erode as a very significant step towards peace in the world. In fact, much of the warfare and violence that the world has seen in the Galactic Underworld have been reflections of conflicts between Islam and other religions (and also between different Islamic groupings), related to their different energetic backgrounds.

Nonetheless, there are prophecies from these religions that speak of a peace in the future. This is obviously so in the case of Christianity, which promises an eternal peace in the Book of Revelation. Also Islam however gives a place to Christ in the end times. In one of its prophecies Christ is the one that brings people to Islam and if we understand Islam as the “surrender to God” and not necessarily as its patriarchal set of rules this would be fully consistent with what is proposed here. Also Judaism, which is maybe the oldest still practiced religion on our planet (and hence would be the most entrenched in scripturalism), would be affected by the shifting polarity creating an opening for peace. If peace could be established between the major monotheistic religions it would be a major step towards peace on our entire planet. The location where the division lines between these three religions are the most clearly marked is in the city of Jerusalem, and especially in its Old City, where each religion constantly watches against trespassing by the others. In fact, not only does the Old City of Jerusalem have invisible boundaries defining where adherents of the different religions may go. Palestinians and Jews are also sometimes separated by literal physical walls, which adds national separation to the already existing religious.

The separation between East and West has been a significant theme during the past 5000 years ever since the introduction of the consciousness field of the National Underworld created a polarity between the two global hemispheres along the 12th Longitude East. This has remained as a background ever since. Yet, it should be noted that the Seventh DAY of the Planetary Underworld did lead to the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the end to the Cold War, which was an extreme expression of political separation between the Eastern and the Western Blocks. The religious polarity has however remained and even intensified throughout the Galactic Underworld expressed for instance in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The causes of these are mainly a reaction against the reemergence of Islam as it is favored by the light on the East in the Galactic Underworld. Paradoxically Islamic nation states have during the same time tended to erode significantly as explained previously. Even if it now seems like the whole political map of the Middle East needs to be redrawn with the revolts in Tunisia, Egypt and several other Arab countries no clear steps seem to have been taken to ease the tension between the Abrahamic religions.

Even if Jerusalem is not a city located on the longitude 12 East it has come to carry the East-West polarity for a variety of reasons. Jerusalem not only separates two peoples, Arabs and Jews, which essentially may be identified with the traditions of the East and the West, but also three religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, where the two former may be identified as Western and the latter as Eastern because of their practices and distribution in the world. Hence, Jerusalem is not just any city and the question is if the walls also in this city, as once in Berlin, will fall as a result of the shifting polarities of consciousness of the eighth and ninth waves of the Mayan calendar system. This would reflect an end to a separation on a much deeper level between East and West than was the case in the Cold War. Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world, with a history of being a holy center for separate religions for at least two thousand years. All the Abrahamic religions have significant prophecies about the fate of this city and many adherents of these are invested in seeing exclusively the prophecies of their own religion come true. From the perspective of the Ninth wave now generating unity consciousness it would however seem as if such an exclusivity will not be at hand.

In the Book of Revelation a New Jerusalem is also mentioned as a center of completion for the world after the turmoil of the apocalypse. We may wonder if this maybe in fact refers to the birth of a new world or even a new frame of consciousness rather than an actual city. Regardless, Jerusalem serves as a significant microcosm of the planet and in this sense it may be said that if there is peace in Jerusalem there is also peace in the world and vice versa. If the deep-rooted cultural, national and religious divisions of Jerusalem can be transcended then the same thing would seem to be possible everywhere.

It is with the transcendence of these division lines that the Jerusalem Hug has been celebrated. The idea behind the Jerusalem Hug is that the path to peace there goes through the expression of love for the city and especially the old city by whomever feels this regardless of national or religious affiliation. The Jerusalem Hug was initiated by Dvora Pearlman and Rob Schamra, and supported by James Twyman at the so called Breakthrough Celebration at the midpoint of the Fifth DAY of the Galactic Underworld, May 20-22, 2007. It has continued as a yearly event ever since. The ring-like enclosure of the Old City has melted many boundaries between people creating an experience that this belongs to everyone and the event has been complemented with fantastic art projects that you may read about at the web page: http://www.jerusalemhug.org/.

As we are now entering the Ninth wave of unity consciousness the Jerusalem Hug holds the potential as an event that may unify the whole world in a meaningful and joyful action focusing on peace not only in Jerusalem, but also for the whole world. While many might want to go to Jerusalem to be physically part of the Hug I feel the event could also be an enormous global event through the creation of several circles around it. The global medicine wheel created in the Conscious Convergence could again be activated as the outermost support ring. This included participants among the Mayan elders in the West, people in Scandinavia in the North, the Hindu/Chinese convergence in Bali and Singapore in the East and the Bushmen together with many others in the South. In the common ceremony a sacred space was created on a global scale modeled upon a Native American Medicine Wheel. I feel that for the Jerusalem Hug, both this year and next year at the Venus Transit we should recreate such global medicine wheels, but turn them into circles of hugs. This may be complemented by creating smaller wheels that connect to the larger wheels. Some wheels, or hugs may also encircle other spots on the planet where separating borders between people have become strong and need to be thawed by Hugs.

There will be one such event in 2011 that for those following the Mayan calendar may be looked upon as part of the Ninth wave (July 3, the midpoint of the third day). There will be another one during the Venus Transit 6th of June 2012, which comes after the culmination date of the Mayan calendar on October 28, 2011 and in my understanding closes the window for the intense spiritual transformation that has existed since the first Venus Transit on June 8th 2004. Coming after the end of the Mayan calendar the Jerusalem Hug during the Venus Transit of June 6, 2012 may in fact be a beacon of light in the future that all of humanity may look forward to, and especially for those that are manifesting the unity consciousness of the ninth wave. This may turn out to be one of the greatest celebrations of all time marking a decision never to return to the old conflictual ways.

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