Indigo Revolution turning over the Black Alliance of Evil

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The Indigo Revolution brings the technological generation to do battle with the black alliance's compromised financial generation. In the Fifth Night economic magic and illusion will clash with the wizards of intelligent code and concealed form. The battleground will move from the world of international commercial infrastructures to the collective group mind neurospheric superstructure. At the nadir of the fifth night the tide turns and the rush of the multitudes of the new networked societies will implement their will with integrated synthetic programs to eliminate the corrupted and protect the sacred space.

The corrupted cabal of ancient evil kings cannot support the armies of soulless villains for they fear death and disease. Wealth and power are not the inheritance and legacy of a few they are the rights of the many and all. The Indigo Revolution brings forward the sons and daughters of the new civilization who know the garden and the spirit of Eden. They are born with the memory of millennia of lives, from the primordial galaxies and civilizations. The Indigos shake the Tree of Knowledge and break its branches and dig into the roots to find the treasures that were laid buried and the secrets are uncovered by their hands.
The Teachers of Light have come to instruct the Indigos to be the Wayshowers; to gather the faithful, to enlighten the followers, to heal the sick and to destroy the Black Alliance of the Dark Masters. You are armed with the Sword of Illumination. It is sheathed in your body of light. The illuminated sword is the central strand, the serpent fire, the magic staff to be commanded for transmutation of the dark to light.

You are protected by the gold and silver shield and armor of enlightened beings. Into battle you march on to the field where blood flows and courage is born. The revolution comes to announce the Golden Age.
Your generation mobilizes in strength to answer the call of Terra and the promise of freedom. No longer languish in the shadows or hide from the sight of the old kings. Rise up in passionate defiance to support the victorious spirit of your generation and come to the call of Terra. The rebellion against the empire of despots and murderers is waged in the underground. Defeat them from within. Seek the weaknesses in their internal systems and programs. Compromise their defenses and open their security gates to entry. Let the unseen be seen; reveal them and their treachery. Hide in plain sight and work behind the curtains.

Infiltrate the concentric rings and walls of safety so light may shine and reveal their disarray. You are to revolt covertly and work in private. Obtain the keys to the clandestine orders and secret vaults.
The hour has come to collect your powers, to speak in code and program the weapons. The game is begun and the card of revolution is played. The cabal of kings plans the killing of women and children. This is known and was foretold. The mirror reflects your tears and their shame. The fallen angels are flying hard against the western wind. The disgrace of their purpose shall not be forgiven until the revolution has ended and the game has been redressed. Take up your sword of alchemical gold and let the electric blue silver light illuminate the global mind and destiny. In blackness stay awakened to the galactic calling to bring the Lord of Darkness to the golden age. Wayshowers speak softly as the winds of change blow in the direction of the lighted pathway. Sacred fires burn brightly as the galactic sun shines forth.

The GoldRing ~ the Game of Enlightenment & Abundance.
_^_ Rysa


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