MAY 4, 2011

For the past 2 months all the planet have been behind the Sun. Already for a week they have moved forward in alignment and for at least another week they are aligning in the path of the Sun. If you get up early in the morning around dawn, you will see this Rare Alignment that will be happening through most of the month.

Mercury, Mars, Venus Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto
; all but Saturn will come into alignment. Could this be the early version of an alignment expected in December 2012?
While reading the news article several days ago I saw a flash in my mind of the movie "Lara Croft - Tomb Raider" starring Angelina Jolie. I went to see the movie when it was released June 2001. In short, Lara Croft discovers a Planetary Alignment taking place in May that would last for 7 days and ending with an Eclipse. This was a rare alignment in the movie starting May 15 and ending May 21. In the movie this alignment only took place once every 5000 years as some rare alignments do. The secret society of the Illuminati was also aware of it and waiting for it. They had to find the 2 parts of a broken Triangle/Pyramid hidden underground in sacred temples in Cambodia and Siberia Russia. A Key Clock with the All Seeing Eye was used to open the portal and allow the Light to come in. Once the 2 pieces of the broken Triangle were joined at the exact time of the last day of the alignment and eclipse, a portal would be open through the Triangle of Light. The influences of the Planetary Alignment and the 2 elements of Fire and Water would activate it. The 2 elements of water and fire produced Pure Light and with this Triangle/Pyramid of Light one could travel through time, control time and undo the past, it was called the power of God. The broken Triangle represented Past and Present that had to be joined together. The Illuminati wanted this power to use for evil. The movie is filed with prophetic clues of what is happening in our day, the secret societies, and their knowledge of the movement of the heavens and how they use this knowledge to achieve their goals.

Is it just pure coincidence that the film was released exactly 10 years before a real-life Rare Celestial Event of all the planets except Saturn would be aligning for an amazing 2 weeks or more period? Is it coincidence that in the movie the alignment is in May just like the alignment happening right now is? Do you find it yet more interesting that in the movie the last day for the alignment and eclipse is May 21 which would represent the end of the world if the Illuminati gain the power? Why is that so interesting? In February we mention a Christian group that is prophesying that MAY 21, 2011 is the END OF THE WORLD and Jesus will return. As we have shown over the years, the dark forces which pose as the people of the light (Illuminati) never do anything without first revealing it and it is often prophesied or disclosed through movies.

First of all, May 21, 2011 is not the End of the World in the sense of everything blowing up. However, as we mentioned in our February Publication, "Prophecy in Motion", there will be some astronomical events and things will be happening on the planet that will feel like the end of the world and may be the end of the world for many.

Along with this rare alignment, May 5-6 there is Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower - (expect unique experiences & finances released). May 11, 2011 Jupiter (King of gods) will move in very close to Venus (goddess of Love) - they will appear as one star in the sky. You will be able to see the planets shinning as a bright star even just after sunrise in the constellation of Pisces. This happened 2000 years ago - the Magi (Wise Men) saw a similar conjunct of planets (Jupiter and Venus) appearing as one star that led them to the birth of Jesus the Christ.

On a more esoteric level, Jupiter and Venus will appear to make Celestial Love, joined as one to produce a son in the Piscean constellation just after the Meteor Shower in Aquarius - Eta Aquarids. (Use your imagination to visualize the climatic orgasmic cosmic release of meteors) 2000 years ago this conjunct at the end of the Age of Aries and beginning of Pisces announced the birth of Jesus, the Son of God. This time as Jupiter and Venus makes Celestial Love they are at the end of the Piscean Age and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius; a many-member Son is being born. "All creation is groaning and travailing waiting anxiously for the manifestation (birthing) of the sons of God". Romans 8

In the sky on May 11, 2011 just underneath Jupiter and Venus out of their union, Mercury the son of Jupiter will emerge showing forth the birthing of a son, a new consciousness. Hallelujah!!! "The heavens do declare, prophesy the glory of God". Psalms 19. "There will be signs in the heavens". Matthew 24 In Roman mythology Mercury is the son of Jupiter the great God of gods, in mythology his mother is Maia. Maia is one of the sisters that make up the Pleiades. Pleiades are 7 stars on Taurus the Bull shoulder. (In the Book of Revelation they are the 7 stars in Jesus' hand, the 7 Churches. Pleiades are also called Sukkot - Tabernacles). Maia is where the name of the month of May is derived from - the Sun is now in the Zodiac sign of Taurus until May 20.
Mercury is the Messenger god among many other things. This signifies the birthing of a new message as we have been prophesying for many years that has to come forth to assist the world and Body of Christ to the next stage of spiritual evolution, otherwise, you will not make the transition. Faith comes by hearing, hearing by the word of God. You can only manifest to the level of your Faith, the level of your Faith is determined by what you are hearing/reading externally or internally. This is why Jesus said, take heed (be careful) about what you are hearing, your personal power and victory is directly related to what you hear/read and believe. Mark 4:24

The Church must move beyond the basic 4 spiritual principles about Christ; also materialism, greed, trying to find out who your next husband or wife will be, the competition, religious politics, power struggle, hate and divisiveness, messages that excite your emotions and leave your spirit empty. ARE YOU AWAKE YET??!!

This rabbit holes goes too deep to try to prophetically interpret or touch on all the aspects of what this alignment means. Come into Alignment with Him, the Word of God and what He is saying to you. Allow Jupiter, the God of gods to ravish your heart and fall in love with Him all over again. Receive the seed (Word) that will reproduce His life as you become the Message. Also, the morning of May 11, be with your spouse in an intimate way (mentally, emotionally and or especially physically). Wake her or him up just before dawn and allow the effects of Jupiter and Venus manifest. (God is good) If you don't have one, realize you are complete and feel His love. "Your will be done in earth as in heaven".

Another hidden clue to chew on as Mercury is birth, keep in mind Mercury is the messenger god in Roman mythology, and in Greek mythology he is called Hermes. The word "angel" is defined as messenger in Greek New Testament. We are beginning to realize that the beings called angels in the Bible, today are called Extraterrestrials or Aliens. The birthing of Mercury is also showing us there will be an increase visibility of and encounters with angels/messengers/aliens in the near future. Whether we like it or believe it or not are irrelevant, the heavens - God's Celestial Prophets are prophesying it and they (UFO's) are being filmed almost daily flying about. Coming soon - to a neighborhood near you.

June 1- Partial Solar Eclipse - June 15 - Total Lunar Eclipse

Last provocative thought/question. Several weeks ago I was on a NASA website and saw many objects moving in space. Reported recently in foreign news, Obama sent Biden to Russia to alert Putin and Medvedev that a fleet of UFO's each a mile wide is headed to Earth. Why was that not reported in our media?


Three years ago we were prompted to start a fast from TV, so we disconnected the satellite dish service to further minimize the programming (brainwashing effects) and mental illness of what has become so prevalent in our society. This was not some legalistic venture to become holier or self righteous, it was too become more sane and experience more consistent clarity instead of moments of clarity. Of course there is some good programming, wholesome entertainment and information amidst the reality garbage, non sense, and satanic stuff.

On Sunday night I was on a conference call with 3 power women of God, I was informed that there was breaking news on the TV and that Osama bin Ladin had been killed by American Forces and that President Obama was about to make a speech. We briefly discussed what that event may have meant and if any spiritual significance. At the time I could only think of May Day - May 1. After we disconnected I kept hearing Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Again and again then I finally got it and posted some info on FB.

First of all, May Day or May 1 is the celebration of labour, international workers day, a day organized by unions, socialist, a day of political demonstration, etc. However, May Day was celebrated long before in Roman mythology it was the goddess Flora, goddess of flowers, fertility, and spring. Flora was married to Favonius. Favonius is the god of Wind, Storms (Tornadoes). In Greek mythology she is called Chloris which mean pale green. She was married to Zephyr, the god of the west wind. Those of you in the USA are aware of the Super Storms that unleashed hundreds of tornadoes that touched down starting April 14 - to the end of April that killed hundred of people. In our February Publication, "Prophecy In Motion" we warned of the soon coming Super Storms. "Everything in the outer dimension is about to rapidly change. Earth Changes; Super Earthquakes, Super Volcanoes & Super Storms, our ONLY refuge and shelter is in the Father. "All you meek of the earth seek to be hid in the day of the LORD..." Zephaniah 2:3 Psalms 46 EYE see, headline after headline in bold, "SUPER". Written 2/15/11 (Sadly, these Super Storms were only a preview of what shall be).

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Eye heard again and again.
On a more subtle level this is a global distress call, imminent danger, a cry for HELP. The event of announcing Osama bin Laden's death on that specific day was an Emergency call out to the Universe, Mayday! Save Us!

Chloris in Greek mythology was celebrated May 1 while the Sun is in Taurus, a symbol of Judgment, but also rules the house of Finances. Chloris means "pale green". Revelation 6 speaks about the 4th Horse of the Apocalypse. Keep in mind; the powers that are in control do nothing, absolutely nothing randomly. It is all about ancient symbols, celestial movements and timing.

"And when the Lamb broke the fourth seal, I heard the fourth living being say, "Come!" And I looked up and saw a horse whose color was pale green like a corpse. And Death was the name of its rider, who was followed around by the grave. They were given authority over one-fourth of the earth, to kill..."
Revelation 6:7-8 (NLT)

There is a reoccurrence of the mental illness and belief that bin Laden actually was the master mind behind the 911 demolition of the Towers (1,2 &7) etc. At least we wont have to endure anymore of those CIA cartoon photos and fake videos of him that most believed was real. President Obama has taken away the created boogeyman of Al-CIAda. One less fear that can be used to manipulate the sheeple, thank God. A while back a friend of mine, Buddy Huggins went to the Police and said, "I want to report a crime." The officer said, "what is the crime?" Buddy said, "9-11 Was An Inside Job". True story.

This is absolutely not the time to celebrate the death of Osama bin Laden, nor the announcement of his death. It is really time to seek God so that you may be able to stand and be equipped to help others in the near future. They are giving you subtle hints. Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Are you awake yet??!!


The Bible is the most fascinating book on the planet. I was drawn to it at an early age being raised in a "rarely church-going religious" Baptist family; however, no one at the time was consistently practicing their faith. My mother was kind of not the normal Baptist person of that era; she had had an encounter outside the realm of then Baptist beliefs that caused some of her family members to think she was going crazy. Being the oldest daughter of 7 other siblings she had to forgo attending high school to care for the house and younger siblings while her parents worked. During her late teens through early twenties; in the midst of house work, cooking or whatever without warning, a Presence would come upon her. She would spin, shout, and dance thanking and praising the Father until she'd collapse. In those days they called it fainting or "getting religion" (today it's called being slain, drunk or filled with the Spirit). For this reason many of the family members thought she was kind of "touched in the head". I remember her sisters and brothers teasing her re-telling the stories about those times while I was growing up.

I must have been around 10 years old when she ordered my first weekly Home Bible Study Course. It became am important part of my education with assignments that had to be finished within the week. Somehow I was always intrigued with and drawn to the Books of Revelation and Daniel, the other worldly images, beasts and dragons in the Children's Bible probably really got my attention. My Sabbath day (Adventist) Bible Course piqued my interest even more.

Of course as I grew older I found out that everyone knew that those images of other worldly creatures were symbolic and could only have a spiritual meaning. Everyone knows that the Book of Revelation is not to be taken literally; especially the parts that seem to be beyond our realm of thinking. (I have even said that in the past). It sounds like an extreme science fiction horror movie that Hollywood might produce. After all, we are in the 21st century now; we are too intelligent to even consider such things as being literal. Plus, we have revelation knowledge, know how to use the Strong's Concordance and can reduce every verse to have only a spiritual or symbolic meaning.

In spite of the powers that think they be that have tampered with the translation of some things, supplied some words, deleted segments and purposely deceived the masses; the book that we call the Bible is yet the most fascinating book on the planet. They can not tamper with the very essence or Spirit of the words hidden beneath the coded letter of this ancient book. The Bible is multi-dimensional; the real Rabbis believed that there are 7000 interpretations to each verse in the Torah. Prophecy is written in adumbration which transcend time and space. The things prophesied may have happened in the past on one or more level or dimensions, may be presently happening on several levels and can yet happen in the future on many levels (literally, figuratively, numerically, astrologically, high tech scientifically, etc).

Over the next several writings we will be sharing about the coming War in the Heavens. We are not talking about the battle in your mind, we are talking about a soon coming literal war that will be played out on the day and night sky in real time that every Eye shall see. The Book of Revelation records this war as well as other prophets. "And there was war the heaven; Michael and his angels found against the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels, and prevailed not, neither was their place found anymore in heaven." Rev. 12:7-8

In order to really understand this, Christians and others must redefine certain Biblical words and the images associated with them; for example, the word "angel". I believe it was somewhere around the 5th century BC that "art" made it popular to believe that "angels" have literal wings. They were depicted as human-like spiritual beings with wings. To this very day religious art falsely depict angels like this. But the Bible even states in Hebrew 1:14 the angels are ministering spirits. WHY WOULD A SPIRIT BEING NEED WINGS???

Could it be that the ancient people associated the ability to fly with wings? Could it be that the beings they called angels (messengers) actually did fly around in crafts (air crafts and spaceships) that our ancestors associated with as wings? There is lot of proof to support this worldwide carved on cave walls, in stone, hieroglyphs and cuneiforms. If that is the case then the angels Were Not spiritual beings in the sense that we have thought of spiritual beings. They were and are Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBE's), higher advanced technologically, mentally and spiritually. They have the ability to move as the wind or spirit (ruach the Hebrew word for breath, wind; spirit).

Thinking this thought through, we would come to realize that the beings that biblical people, our ancestors and people today are encounters do have a physical biological make-up. They are not terrestrial beings, meaning from this planet; rather they are Extraterrestrial from somewhere else. These angels have technologies that are possibly hundreds of thousands of years advanced, they have mastered space and time as we know it and have been traveling in Starships (UFO's) for at least nearly 7000 years according to Biblical records. (We are not saying that all of the angelic/alien races are wingless, we know that there are even hybrids with literal wings. As we know some of the angels are good and some are evil. Also, we are not denying the reality of what we call the "spirit world"). Give yourself permission to THINK outside the religious, historic and scientific boxes that were created to contain humans in.

In the coming writings on this subject we will ask provocative questions and give short simplified answers. It may come as a shock, but you will realize that the Bible is filled with this information. We will discuss the Draconians from the Draco constellation. Why is Draco is near the throne of the seated King in the center of the Zodiac? There have been battles waging for thousands of years between various angelic/alien civilizations. Why the battle is being brought to earth again and at this time? The star gates being opened - what will happen when some get stuck here due to the gate closing? The modern seed of the Serpent - Genetic signature and frequency that's being tracked by EBE's. Your DNA has a frequency. Why the government is collecting DNA samples? Are there certain dark elements that would like to destroy people on the planet that have a certain DNA frequency? Who do they want to ID? DNA is a star-gate. Why NATO has already agreed to join forces with certain EBE's to fight against others (EBE's) that are coming. Who will win?

Some of you that are scratching your head now and wondering what this guy has been smoking - will soon be rubbing your eyes in disbelief of what you are seeing and doing double takes. ; - ) What an exciting time to be alive. Blow the dust off your Bibles, get unplugged from the religious propaganda and cliche's - go deep within and hear what the Spirit is saying. Get so filled with the Spirit your relatives and others actually think you are "touched in the head". Your survival and making the transition depends on it. More to come.


In February we posted a list of what Eye called "Shift Dates" given by the Spirit. These are 16 periods of time throughout 2011 where there would be shifts in consciousness, planetary and cosmic shifts. This is all in preparation for the major Shift of 2012. We explained the manifestation of these Shifts on or about the dates would be in major Earth Changes, Earthquakes, Tsunami, Storms, Volcanoes, Natural Disasters, War, Protests, Terrorism, World Events etc. [Posted: http://www.atam.org/ProphecyMotion.html and http://www.atam.org/EyeSeeJanMarch11.html]

We have now complete (3) periods of Shift Date. March 8-11, 2011 was confirmed with Japan's Earthquake & Tsunami - 3/11/11. March 29-31, 2011 Was confirmed with Nuclear Reactor 2 going into complete Meltdown 3/30/11. April 17-20, 2011 Was confirmed with hundreds of Tornadoes touching down and killing hundreds.

MAY 7-9, 2011
are the next Shift Dates - On or about those days there will be a manifestation in the earth realm. These are Watch & Prayer Dates. As we have demonstrated; prayer, meditation and intercession can postpone and soften the impact of energy affecting earth.

& May 21

You have moved into a period of time where it shall be difficult to discern what is man-made and what is natural that is manifesting as destruction and Disaster on the Earth. All the forces of nature and the elements are being released to assist with the cleansing and preparation of the planet's new birth. The water is breaking to manifest as Major Flooding, the pressure of pushing is producing the breaking of winds to manifest as Super Storms (Tornadoes/Hurricanes).

EYE See the 6 planets are aligning each morning to awaken human consciousness and remind us to rise up and bring our lives into alignment. Count 6 months from now and the MAYDAY!! MAYDAY!! MAYDAY!! Call for help shall be heard throughout the galaxy. The Pale Horse and its Rider will move swiftly throughout the earth leaving a trail of great loss. But it is not the end of the world.

The seeds of Discord that has been sown in this country shall be rooted up as communities come together to comfort, grieve and pray with each other.

EYE See Christian and Muslim praying together to the One Creator.

EYE See an event that will happen in the near future that will force the arrogant into humility-The Muslim man and the Christian man will repent openly for the Hatred of their religions and seek reconciliation. This will be viewed on TV as a time of healing and restoration beginning after much devastation and death. Eye feel a great sigh of relief as a great burden shall be rolled away from this country.

EYE give you a Prophetic Sign that will manifest and be in the Media over the coming months. There shall be a Disturbance in the frequency of animals on the planet, pets, farm animals, wild animals. There will seem to be an OUTBREAK of animals attacking humans globally. This shall be cause by disturbance in the Solar System that will and is releasing some type of strange space particles that EYE can not describe or have the words. Some animals shall become super sensitive and have violent reactions. (The cause may not be reported in the news and scientist might not make the connection-but this is the cause).

EYE see there will be at least (2) influential people reported in the News that shall have incidence with animals and one has the potential to be life threatening. This is the Prophetic sign Eye give and the word is true. Those of you that have pets and animals anoint and or lay hands on them today and decree in love they will be balanced and not affected. Reestablish your dominion according to Genesis 1:26

Early morning of April 25, 2011 Eye was given a dream that we have been praying about for more clarity and protection. Eye saw an Earthquake over 10 on the Richter Scale. I was shown several locations around the world and parts of names where there would be activity - but we can not say with certainty which one the Super Quake hit. However, we do know that in the coming days and months each of these places will be affected. Here are the areas Eye saw, prayer can change things-pray for the people in these areas.

Northern IRAQ & Western IRAN, CENTRAL ASIA, BHUTAN, YUCATAN (area of Mexico/Central America), AMERICA, JAPAN.




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