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David Hoffmeister

Beloved One,

Blessings of Joy. I often hear people tell me that they want the experience of Peace, but they aren't aware what it is that's blocking Peace from consistent awareness. This post addresses this request. I have spoken about our Teacher of Teacher's website and about transfer of training using the ACIM Workbook. So this is the way: learn about and practice transfer of training (tot) using the (ToT) web site. This is a very, very fast approach - and very direct.

Transfer of training

The experience of joy comes to a willing mind that has given up all
attempts to make exceptions to the miracle. Only exceptions
block the awareness of ever Present miracle mindedness. Today look
at some ideas I shall offer to clarify transfer of training as
described in A Course In Miracles. This clarification will have
tremendous benefits for anyone desiring to experience the State of
Mind I call Enlightenment.


Messengers of Peace
The Messengers of Peace: David, Helena, Jason, Kirsten, Lisa, Jenny, Suzanne, and JP


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