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JULY 23, 2011

(This started as our daily blog that wouldn't stop)
During my devotion time this morning I was thanking the Creator for the Sun moving into Leo and all the wonderful energies and opportunities for the next 30 days. Each of the signs of the Zodiac correlates with a specific or specific parts of the human body, Leo corresponds with the Heart. As I sat with my hands over my heart opening my "heart chakra"; I was reminded of a meeting many years ago. We will give you a chance to experience some of it with us through this testimonial. "Talk of His wondrous works".

The understanding that the 12 Zodiac signs correlated with 12 parts of the human body became more real to me when writing TribeOscope (currently out of print). We produced the TribeOscope Cassettes and CD in Talking Elements Studios in Hemet, California with Gary & Verna Clay's help during the late 1990's. Little did I know that the Hemet area was considered a Mecca for the New Age Movement. Quite a few orders of CD's and Tapes seemed to be concentrated in that area. After some time Gary & Verna invited me to do a conference, there seemed to have been a strong interest in what we were doing in the New Age community. I thought, WWJD? Then, the day of my flight from Seattle I called Gary; I was stressing because I had spent very little time speaking for New Age groups at that time. Plus, Gary told me one of the top Astrologers from the area would be there. I have never considered myself an astrologer. I only know what I know by research and Holy Spirit. My message must have changed at least 4x trying to find something that would fit and help bring more light. Finally on the airplane, a vision was given. I saw the words, "Zodiac Man" in big bold letters and an image was let down before me, I drew it the best I could. It was a man with 12 parts of the body assigned to the 12 Zodiac signs, etc.

Due to some mechanical problems, the plane was delayed which gave me more time to put together my new message, but I got there about 1 hour before the meeting. Gary and I rush to Kinko's to fix up my miserable attempt at drawing what I saw and to get enough copies printed out for the crowd. Back just in time to start. Lights dimmed, Gary playing the keyboard in the background, I approached the podium. Speaking in a soothing, meditative almost hypnotic voice, the Spirit ministered. At the end of the message Spirit led us through a guided imagery meditation of the Ultimate Zodiac Man -Jesus the Christ on the Cross and All accepted. The dim lit room was filled with the sounds sniffles and weeping as we released Unforgiveness, Forgave ourselves and accepted Forgiveness through the meditation.

At what we thought was the end of the meeting, Gary and I began to sing in tongues with interpretations spontaneously (song of the Lord) as he played the keyboard. Some inquired with child-like faith what was this, we told them we were "channeling the Holy Spirit". To our surprise everyone wanted it (Ex-Mormons, Jehovah Witness, Presbyterians, Jews, etc). For the next hour or so we were busy laying on hands imparting this wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit and watching in amazement as they all spoke with tongues, interpreted and prophesied. They danced around in the room and anxiously went to the microphone one at a time to interpret messages, visions etc. I remember Gary saying, "This is worst (in a good way) than a Charismatic Meeting." What we expected to last 45 minutes to an hour lasted about 3 hours. "For the promise is unto you, your children and them that afar off, even as many as the Lord calls". Acts 2:39 Awesome things happen when we lose the religious garbage, stop judging others and just allow God to be God in any way He desires to be. Keep your heart open.

SUN IN LEO - July 23-August 22

Today the Sun moves into the Zodiac sign house of LEO. The Creator set up an awesome communication system above our heads. The Sun appears to moves through the 12 Zodiac Signs throughout the 12 months of the year. The 12 Zodiac signs are the Prophets that can not lie but only declare (prophesy) the glory of God in truth. 

These 12 Zodiac signs have been called Houses or Mansions for the SUN for about 6000 years in every culture and nation. David, while writing Psalms 19:4 even declared this 3000 years ago. "In the heavens He has made a tabernacle (house, mansion, home) for the Sun." So we see the Sun spends about 30 days in each of the 12 Houses bringing Light - Enlightenment. This is also symbolic of the Father of Lights giving every person a chance to embrace this free gift of Love.

LEO is the 5th house or mansion of the Zodiac. Leo rules the House of Pleasure, Recreation, Creativity, Entertainment, Enjoyment, Fun, Motivation and Self-expression. This house is also associated with Children. Spend the next 30 days intentionally finding and doing things that makes your heart happy and rediscover the child in you. Allow the child to play, laugh and love, as you exercise your child-like faith to create. If at all possible, spend time with children. Express yourself, BE. The heavens are summoning you to shine forth in the glory of who you really are without fear. So come out of hiding, come out of the closet (whatever that closet may be) and realize you are accepted in the Beloved. Love and accept yourself.
LEO element is Fire, the ruling planet is Sun. From this we see that people born under this sign are very passionate about life and the things they do or believe in. Even if you were not born under this sign, you can draw from the celestial energies being exerted from Leo during the next 30 days. If you have been feeling sluggish, you should be feeling new energy already. Tap into the abundant of creative energy for resources and finances that's flooding the planet. Jupiter is yet moving forward to assist.

LEO is also a Fixed Sign that forms one of the arms of the Grand Cross in the heavens, along with Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius all 90 degrees apart. In Ezekiel & Revelation they are described as the (4) Beast around the Throne or Cherubim. Ezekiel 1, Revelation 4 - Even though Leo is a fixed sign which means that when Leonids get a thought in their mind it's hard to convince them otherwise; remember to be pliable and versatile. 

LEO is a masculine sign. The Creator set up the system where the signs alternate from masculine to feminine throughout the year. This is the divine polarity and balance, a larger picture of the Divine Man of Genesis 1:26 created in the image of Elohim, male and female. LEO is the center or heart of man. This represents the portal between the lower torso ruled by basic instinct, drives, appetites, carnality and things which are necessary for human life and the higher; which is ruled by communication, intellect, intuition, wisdom, and Spirit. The access to the higher nature is through the heart of Love which brings divine balance. It is the bring within humans between (2) worlds that appear opposite. 


In the Zodiac body, realizing that the macrocosm only reflects the microcosm (us); Leo rules the Heart. Thus, we have the phrase lion heart to describe someone filled with courage or brave. The 9th letter of the Hebrew alphabet TETH is assigned to the 5th Zodiac house Leo. Out of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabets, 12 are single letters/consonants and 7 are double letters/consonants. The 12 single letters or single sounding alphabets are assigned to the 12 Zodiac signs and the 7 double frequency letters represented the 7 planets of the ancients. The 3 remaining are the high Feminine letters assigned to elements. [Eye see and know as we continue to evolve in consciousness, we shall read the Bible from a totally astrological view point, it will unlock all of the secrets of the universe. There will be a computer program developed to make this easier. Blow the dust off of it now].

Teth the 9th letter means to twist, interweave, tie in or spin. It represents a Vortex. This is the Heart Chakra (spinning wheel of energy). 9 is the number of "fruit of the Spirit". Actually there is Only one Fruit that manifest as 9, that Fruit is LOVE; everything positive comes out of love. "For the fruit of the Spirit is LOVE, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, self-control: against such there is no law". Galatians 5:22-23
9 is also the number of finality or closure. Allow this time to be used to bring closure to issues that are yet pending. 9 also speaks of judgment/correction and birthing. Use this time to bring correction and possibly an end to behavior patterns and old paradigms that might be unhealthy naturally and spiritually. 

As the Sun moves through LEO over the next 30 days allow your Heart Chakra to be opened. In other words, allow the LOVE of God to flow freely and unconditionally from you. Be authentic! Forgive others quickly, forgive yourself and let go of past experiences that create resentment, bitterness and anger. These emotions and similar ones release the energetic frequencies that clog the heart chakra. In the physical body it manifest as the plugged arteries, shortening of breath, heart attacks, circulatory problems and strokes. 

Teth on a much deeper level is seen as a Serpent. This is the ancient wisdom that is released from the heart of Love that Jesus spoke of. "Be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove". Looking at the Teth above it is easy to see the serpent in this hieroglyph - the Hebrew alphabets are also hieroglyphs. The Teth is also hinting at what is called Kundalini, the coiled serpent's wisdom that rises from the base of the spine. (So we see this same concept of Serpent Wisdom is taught in Eastern and Western spirituality. Could we be more similar that religion has allowed us to believe)? The energy is also called "the quickening". Some experience it as fire moving up their back and spine, others experience it as chills up the spine that cause the body to twitch. I know some of you Holy Ghost folk know exactly what I am talking about. Shammah!

Judah the kingly tribe from which Jesus the Messiah came was assigned the banner of LEO, Lion of the tribe of Judah. Leo's are natural leaders, strongly opinionated, determined and fearless.
"Now why do you cry out aloud? Is there no king in you? is your counselor perished? for pangs have taken you as a woman in travail." Micah 4:9

You may not be born under the kingly Zodiac sign of Leo but there is a King in you. The Christ that abides within is the King of Glory, call upon the King within. Realize you are a king and priest of the Order of Melchizedek. The Scripture above speaks of people that have become overwhelmed with life and its pressures. They were complaining, groaning under the burdens, they were in much pain and things had not turned out the way they expected nor when they expected. There are many people in this country and around the world that are finding themselves in the same situation of being overwhelmed by life.

Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Job Loss, Health problems, Debt collectors blowing up your phone, kids gone wild, spouse seem to have gone crazy, parents tripping, depression; the list could go on and on. This is all apart of the travail that comes before the birthing. Don't forget who you are. IS THERE NO KING IN YOU??!! ARE YOU NOT THE KING OF YOUR WORLD??!! Kings have the authority to release Decrees and the decree shall be established. Job 22:28 Why? Because, "Where the word of the king is there is power." Ecc. 8:4 Get ready to roar! From July 23 to August 22. Change your situation by the power of your roar (words) or frequency that comes out of your mouth. Put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. Expect Financial Miracles.

Sit in a quiet place in a meditative position if possible. Place both hands one on the top of the other over your heart. Visualize swirls of green over your hands and heart intensifying for several minutes. Sit there relaxed, still -"Be Still and know that I AM God". This is Teth, the Vortex, the Heart Chakra- see it opening wider.

Now release LOVE and healing to all that have harmed you. With eyes closed say, "I Forgive you". "I Release you". "I Love you". Do this with every person, business, foreclosure, kids, parents, idea, pain, sickness, disease - everything. Cover it and seal it with Love.
When you are finished, take your cuffed hands together and lift them before the Creator and present it all to Him. Take a deep breath, open your eyes and know all is well. Let this be your return to innocence. 


In understand prophetic and energetic timing, it is very important to flow with the times and seasons-move with the Spirit for best results. Allow this time period over the next 30 days to be meaningful and preparatory. We are soon approaching a very differ time. We are coming to the end of linear time as we have known it on the planet. This Fall we will enter a time that can be seen as a "twilight zone" that will be for a number of years. For lack of better expression and the words Eye am hearing now, it will be like Energetic Accounting, the summing up of frequencies past to produce something totally new. However, this "new" will not manifest immediately; actually it will appear just the opposite. We will share in more details in another writing.

Those that choose not to ascend through the Heart Chakra Portal of Love may be stuck in the lower torso paradigm where the near future may appear to be quite challenging. Choose to ascend, the vehicle of Love is the only way. We may speak of the mysteries of the days upon us, prophecy with accuracy of what will be, exemplify unshakable faith to work miracles, But without the simple yet profound truth of Love it will profit us nothing. 1 Corinthians 13

NEXT SHIFT DATES - watch dates

JULY 27-29
- On and about those dates there will be energy from deep space impacting the planet. Expect INTENSITY & Acceleration here on. Meaning, World Changing Events, Natural Disasters, Social Breakdown intensifying. The energies from this particular set of days may manifest mostly in an Explosive manner; ie Volcano Eruptions, Earthquake, Bomb Blasts, Fires, Uprising; Remember to keep watch and in prayer during these dates specifically.

EYE am also seeing a Strong Potential of POISONING that can cause many deaths. This energy of this potential will linger until August 2 - This may come in the form of E-coli, Salmonella, Virus, Purposely Food Tampering or Medical Mishap. We are seeing something that definitely will affect the blood. This may not be realized until days afterward and traced backwards to incidences. (We are not getting specific location or area at this point which could mean multiple locations- However, we know the power of pray that can minimize or stop anything).

EYE am also see JULY 28, 2011 as a definite WATCH DATE - Incidents that could affect the world. Prayer can change this.


Most of you are probably aware of what took place yesterday. A Norwegian man decided to play God and ended the lives of nearly 90 people so far. Most were young people at a Summer Camp. Hold the parents, relatives and nation close your heart and release healing over the next several days. 

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Also, we finished a Weblog series over a week ago I think that seemed to stir a lot of interest in prophecy regarding present-day Israel.  Based on the feedback we got,  it seemed to help others understand better why things are the way they are there.   This is hopefully will also help you understand the accuracy of the Word of God even more.   We are listing the links below as we are realizing many of you thought we would be sending  out our daily blogs in emails, we wont.  However, this series you might find a bit fascinating with a more so scripture view of  what the Bible says versus traditional belief.  Israel in Prophecy.






Feel free to share this with all.


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