The Source Field Investigations By; David Wilcock

On August 23, 2011, David Wilcock released his latest book called, “The Source Field Investigations”.  In his latest blog post at Divine Cosmos, David calls this his finest and most groundbreaking projects he’s ever released.  Now, that’s saying a lot considering the amount of material David has published since he first began online.  I remember reading one of the first books he published on his old site entitled, The Science of Oneness.  This book changed the way I conceptualized science and spirituality as a whole, and never looked back since.  I also went on to read some of his other books, but one I feel everyone needs to read if they are serious about science, spirituality and metaphyics is his book, “Divine Cosmos“.  All these are freely available to read on his website.

David’s new book, “The Source Field Investigations”, is available to purchase online at Amazon.  Currently it’s listed at #1 in the prophecy section, and #124 overall which is definitely showing strong interest and hopefully continues upward.  If you’re not very familiar with David’s work, I highly suggest checking out his other books listed above, blog posts, radio shows or start by watching the introductory video to his latest book below.  In it, David goes into detail about 2012 and the Mayan Calender, DNA, what the Source Field is, pineal gland, UFO’s and a lot more.  Although this is just an introduction/preview to his book which is spans over 550 pages, and is vast in scope, you will still gain a lot of David’s incredible insights in less then 2 hours.

What I particularly appreciate about David Wilcock’s work is that he’s not limited to one narrow perspective, and looks at all the hard evidence as well as his own experiences before jumping to any conclusions.  His writing, as well as his lectures are coherent and precise, logical, and far-reaching.  Hopefully more people will pick up not only on what he and others are conveying, but really start applying many of the truths and wisdom contained within the message which has been expounded for thousands of years.

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