Journey to Heartstorm

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You are withn a journey called life. You are headed into a deluge created by the storm arising in your heart. As you step off the shore of caution into the center of the storm, the morphic fields resonate with your choice. The decision point is the tipping point for not only humanity; it also recalibrates All That Is.

Morphic Fields and the Heart 
by Toni Petrinovich      http://www.sacredspaceswa.com


A field is defined as a region of influence; a region or space in which a given effect exists. Morphic is descriptive of transformation, so a morphic field is a transforming region of influence in which a transformation exists.

Why is this important? Because your field, or biofield, is a very strong “region of influence” that not only perpetuates your experience (standing wave), it also influences the experiences of others in your environment. Your personal field or environment is much larger than you would imagine. As you are reading this article, your feelings (first) and thoughts (second) are creating energetic influences streaming in all directions. By “all directions”, I mean in every dimensional frequency that is not only in a lateral or directional capacity.
Let’s stop a minute here and make sure you really understand what it means to be a “standing wave” – a wave that is transmitting and receiving simultaneously or at the same time. Do you understand what this means to your field?

The standing wave contributes information to the expanse of you while, at the same time, emitting your “information” into not only your locale but also infinitely in every direction and dimension. When you begin to discuss your desire to see changes in the world, keep this in mind since you are either contributing to the changes or adding to the dismay and confusion. You are a 100% contributor to the experience humanity is having right now.

This is where cellular memory, soul records and morphic fields come into play. If you understand the information above, then you will easily extrapolate it to undying, ever-changing informational streams of consciousness. Since you are basically “equipped” with an etheric, mental, emotional and physical body, each of these aspects contains the account of your earthly experiences (as well as the infinite record of your soul). Your intention (fueling everything) to shift your present day experience is overlaid by your “past” experiences which are truly parallel within no time/space. Hence, intention becomes the activator of how you are going to “morph” your field and that of all else.

Since the heart is the strongest electromagnetic field in the human body, it makes sense to focus the attention of your intention through its amazing capabilities. I know you have been taught from infancy to use your mind, make up your mind, define your mind, create with your mind and, basically, become a mentally-oriented person. No thing could be further from the truth of how these human
bodies function. (It is personally fortuitous and self-gratifying of the purveyors of this nonsense to point you in this direction!)

I know that a significant portion of your day is spent in attempting to influence activities in and around you. Let’s call these “activities” morphic fields since they have the ability to change. How might you reconsider your interpretation of the outcome, the result of your influence if you knew that what you felt, thought and did was going to manifest based upon your intention in the moment? How might you reframe your objective? And remember, all that is is so all you are doing is resonating with that which you desire.

Are you beginning to understand that everything you observe every day is because it is your field – and you can “morph” (transform) that field with your intention focused through the heart field that naturally emanates from within you. See something you don’t like? Begin the morphing in that moment. Shouting, resisting or getting angry only adds that energy to that which you are dis-liking. Ask yourself what about the situation annoys you and then create the opposite influence within your field – morph it!

And don’t tell me that you can’t or this is too hard. If you are not going to be the agency of transformation in your own life, who do you want to do it for you? Are you actually going to let someone else tell you how to live your life?

So here is an easy practice to use this week and into the future:
Picture your field like malleable jello in which you are immersed. The field is flowing from within your heart and completely surrounding you. It touches everything and everyone in the room, then the city, state and country. Get that picture firmly planted within your mind. Now, what do you want to experience within this compliant substance? You are the cook. You are deciding how this gelatin is going to mold itself. What do you want it to look and feel like?

Back to the beginning of this article: You are a region of influence; a space in which a given effect exists. The effect is you. The effect is Source. You are Source in form. You affect every field everywhere all of the time and outside of time.

Don’t believe this. Be it. Do it. Make it yours. Only then will you be able to say that you desire the transformation of the human race because that transformation is completely dependent upon YOU.

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