This is The Time ~ To Awaken ~ By AL AE NU RA

May you Be Blessed and FREE!
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"The Time is NOW

Our Time"

Ascension is where we are moving towards. Sooner or later. All of us.

As We Release Our Mortal Confines ~ We Actually Lighten Up ~ Raise Our Vibrations Through Love
We Resonate on higher Levels...

In a World Full of Changes ~ We are asked to Change Our Ways

Humanity Is Evolving
We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience

This Allows Us To Grow in Extraordinary Ways...

This Video Is about Ones Communion with Our Angelic Presence...

As We Remember Who We Are...
We Find Our Wings And Merge into Our Vaster Selves...

Our Light Bodies...

Such a Divine Encounter and Transmission

Which aligns Us With Our Ultimate Mission...

And Activates Our DNA and Our Original BluePrint ~ Our Original Innocence

Ascension is personal Choice
And is part Of the Journey towards Personal Salvation...

Enjoy The Ride
Relax, UnPlug and Rejoice !!!!
For Change is Only a Breath Away ♥

Step into Your Future Self
Connect With Your Angelic Presence

LOVE is All around You

Life is a Journey
A Home Coming

A Remembrance

A Reunion

Remember Who You Are

Remember Your Wings

Connect with with your Angelic Presence

Merge with The Light of Love


We Fly

By Alaenura


Our Spiritual evolution to a higher plane.

Ascension is the activation of your DNA to walk through a stargate and ascend.

Ascension is 'rising'; 'kindling' or 'being kindled' into soaring spiritual heights.

Very Special Thank you to All The Magical and Inspirational Images Used in this Video

With Deepest Gratitude to all the Artists in this Video
Visuals From Facebook and Google Images

Visual Arrangement By Alaenura

Excerpts From "Invoking your Celestial Guardians" by Solara 11:11

Words/lyrics Copyright Sept 2011

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