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NOVEMBER 27, 2011

This year has definitely been a great year for scientific breakthroughs, from the discovery of Stem Cell Regeneration, Brain Imagining to sending the large Rover-Curiosity to Mars. The greatest discovery of all has been that Neutrinos travel faster than the speed of light. This opens up many possibilities for many things we already know, such as; Time Travel, Dimensionality, Teleportation and tapping into other realms. Many of the things we call spiritual experiences will be scientifically proven and duplicate-able.

Here are some recent prophetic words below we had given before what is being called "the greatest scientific discovery in over 100 years". This was the discovery that Einsten's Theory of Relativity is not complete and there is something that can travel faster than the speed of light. This discovery was made in September 2011. As great as the discovery of Neutrinos moving faster than the speed of light is, it will pale in the light of the suppressed information revealed and discoveries in the coming months and years. Dated prophecies below, much yet to be fulfilled on many levels.

"Eye hear the Spirit saying, all the sciences that we know of are on the verge of being updated and discarded. Get ready to unlearn and relearn." Posted 10/30/10 - GRAND CROSS PHASE 2 (Archives)

"EYE See Religious & World Leaders will begin to slowly disclose and toy with the facts that there are other none human beings existing and that we will have to re-think our theology on many things and understanding of science and history." Posted 1/1/11 - PROPHECY 2011

"EYE see a restoration of the ancient sciences, and New Sciences and technology being develop and discovered." Posted 2/15/11 - PROPHECY IN MOTION

"For some time we have been sharing that you are about to trash most of the science you were taught in school about almost everything. Much of it was disinformation designed to keep us unaware and asleep. Jesus said, "Everything that is hidden shall be made known ". Daniel said, "Knowledge shall increase." Posted 3/14/11 - ANOMALIES

"Most of what we have learned about science, history and religion is about to be tossed out. We are having a global paradigm shift as the end of this age rapidly approaches. We are about to see some of the most phenomenal and strangest things-these things are hidden in the Word of God (Bible) and other sacred text. Can you image looking out of your window or going out on your porch and see another celestial body (planet etc) move into the center of our solar system? I am sure some are thinking that will never happen." Posted 4/3/11 - 


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