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From: ChangeDaChannel | Dec 20, 2011              A picture is worth a thousand word.  
                                                                            Re-watch the Movie Trading Places (1983)
Blowing off steam about the news                       "A Move is Worth Ten Thousand Words"

This guy Ranking is off the charts , Way High!   Many people are seeing and hearing the Truth!
So promote his work, re-post it.  Send his videos to your asleep friends, you know the "dead heads".
This shows me we have made a turn, and the Light is wining.  The Dark is running like hell to keep us plugged to the TV lie NEWS to keep us in fear.

Uploaded by on Sep 19, 2011
In this video I show some subliminal messages and symbolism relating to "9/11" which can be found in the film "Trading Places" (1983), which was produced by Aaron Russo.

Near the end of the video are some short clips from a video where Alex Jones interviewed Aaron Russo, shortly before Aaron Russo died.

The full Aaron Russo interview can be found here: http://youtu.be/YGAaPjqdbgQ

A 10 minute version focusing mainly on the 9/11 stuff and his relationship with Nicholas Rockefeller can be found here: http://youtu.be/7nD7dbkkBIA

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