Every Move Creates Your Future By Toni Petrinovich

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Every Move Creates Your Future by Toni Petrinovich
The search for enlightenment is akin to believing in Santa Claus as a child and hoping you are going to have all kinds of presents to open. It means that someone outside of you or something outside of you is going to give it to you. This is the beginning of self-deception because you deceive yourself into believing you must acquire something now to make the future better.

Stop looking for places, people and concepts to secure your freedom from fear, anxiety, stress and general turmoil. Become fully responsible for every action in your life. The very thought you are having right now, as you are reading this article, is creating the future you are going to experience. If you can wrap your mind around the idea that only you create everything in your life, then you begin to see there is nothing outside of you whatsoever that will ever be able to give you what you are looking for in any way.

It is vital for you to know that there are dimensions upon dimensions of frequency available to you. There are timescales of experience you have no conscious knowledge of and yet, at the same time, if you could look into your future, you would see that everything that you’re attempting to pull away from, everything you are attempting to stop from happening is actually what you are creating. Your attention and emotional input inform the vacuum of the future with the subject matter of your focus. This is not personal. It is a relentless, impartial principle of physics – both physical and meta.

The key to coming into balance with this concept is to realize that whatever you are seeking is exactly what you want to stop seeking and bring into your conscious awareness the fact that it exists already. You enter into contact with your self and your Self. This means the ego personality and the Higher Self blend consciously as one so you see everything you are doing as an aspect of source consciousness bringing balance and understanding to your purpose in life without fear or apprehension. You know yourself as enlightened because you are – light within – enlightened.

Slow down. Every time you think you have to do something to “make it right” or you have to be sure that somebody else is confirming what you are being, move away from this emotional reaction to what is happening in you. Literally choose freedom; choose your own destiny right now remembering that every choice informs your future.

You don't believe your destiny is your choice. Yet it is in every single moment - from whether you are going to complete reading this article or whether you’re going to do something else, it is your choice. You might believe that someone is calling your attention or that you have promised to do this or that; you have an obligation or responsibility that is waiting for you and yet at the same time, the precursor to everything happening in your life is your thought or feeling right now. How you create from it in one way or another is always up to you. You are in charge!

How can you tell what you are creating? You will easily notice whether you are actually in balance with what you desire your future to be, or not, by feeling inside for evidence of struggle or effort. Or is it a flow? If it is not a flow within you, if you don't feel like you're flowing from one moment to another, then you are literally creating struggle and effort in your future.

So actually this balance that I'm talking about is one of recognition. It is recognizing how you are living your life. It’s coming to the understanding that if you want to live in different times, if you are going to bring about the changes in this world you say you want, you have to use your life as the receptacle of information, as the transmitter and receiver of information about you. Remember, the information is impartial, pervasive, all-compassing and absolutely impersonal. It does not care. You do.

Move past what you feel is blocking your abilities and take on your soul’s commitment to this world. Turn away way from, walk away from that which you fear. Removing the energy from any person, place or situation is only done by ignoring it. Then you remove the energetic input you have been giving to it. Every time you feel fear, anxiety, stress or discomfort, literally walk away from whatever it is that is causing it and say, “This is no longer in my life. I will not participate with this in my life anymore.” You are the only one who can do this for yourself. You are the only one who can sing the song of your soul.

There are all sorts of things your mind is going to say, “Oh no, no, no, this is essential. You must do this; you must do that.” Yet if you will navigate as you would in water, if you will direct yourself into a different flow of the stream and allow yourself to move away from the material particles of life you believe are holding you back, you’re going to find the actualization of your future as the source creator you are. You will realize the future you think is out there is only potential from the standpoint of your information being the source of the future’s outcome.

So look at all the places in your life where you make excuses. Look at all the times in your life when you say, “Well, I can't do this or that because __________ or so-and-so won't let me. I only do this because it makes someone happy; it's just because of the holidays.”

Look at all of those phrases you use over and over again. Look at them. Feel them. What do they feel like? Do they feel like feel like flow, ease and bliss? You, as source informed, must stand firm if this world is going to change into the new paradigm, the future you so desire. Then we will live within the Apocalypse - the Lifting of the Veil.

 Toni Elizabeth Sar'h




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