The College Conspiracy: Should You Send Your Kids To College?

The College Conspiracy:
Should You Send Your Kids To College?

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College Conspiracy is the most comprehensive documentary ever produced about higher education in the U.S. The film exposes the facts and truth about America's college education system. 'College Conspiracy' was produced over a six-month period by NIA's team of expert Austrian economists with the help of thousands of NIA members who contributed their ideas and personal stories for the film. NIA believes the U.S. college education system is a scam that turns vulnerable young Americans into debt slaves for life.

NIA tracks price inflation in all U.S. industries and there is no industry that has seen more consistent price inflation this decade than college education. After the burst of the Real Estate bubble, student loans are now the easiest loan to receive in the U.S., and total student loan debts now exceed credit card debts. The government gives out easy student loans to anybody, regardless of grades, credit history, what they are majoring in, and what their job prospects are. NIA believes it is illegal for the U.S. government to be in the student loan business because the U.S. constitution doesn't authorize it. Just like how the U.S. government created Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to make housing affordable, but instead drove housing prices through the roof; the U.S. government, by trying to make college more affordable, is accomplishing the exact opposite and driving tuition prices to astronomical levels that provide a negative return on investment.

The U.S. has been experiencing 5.15% annual college tuition inflation this decade. Despite this, 70.1% of high school graduates are now enrolling into college, a new all time record. 2/3 of college students are now graduating with an average of $24,000 in debt. There is nothing special about getting a college degree if everyone else has one, and it is certainly not worth getting $24,000 into debt to camouflage yourself into the crowd. NIA's President is friends with hundreds of CEOs of mid-sized corporations who tell him that someone who skipped college is a lot more likely to stand out amongst the hundreds of applicants who apply for each job available.

This is a great documentary film that helps back up the point I always preach. We should be teaching our children how to create value in the world by teaching them SKILLS so they can create their own job. We must eradicate the idea that jobs are something our children are owed if they get a college degree. They are not.

Imprinting a “Get a Job” mentality on our kids is something all parents should try to turn into a “Create a Job” mentality if our children are to prosper in their adult lives.

If you are the type of parent who believes with every fiber of your being that college education is good for your kids, you owe it to your children to watch College Conspiracy.

I heard a great quote the other day in regards to self education, which basically said…

“No person should form an opinion on anything until they have heard the best arguments for and against a particular theory. To think you are being wise by only listening to one half of the argument is naive.”

I love that thought process, and I think this video offers those who are CHAMPIONS of a college education the opportunity to test their belief system.

Education needs to be turned into students/apprentices picking out educators who are world class experts in a particular field and becoming their understudies, and those experts mentoring up those children to become better than themselves. This can’t happen in college education because in most cases the teachers and professors are not world class experts on anything except teaching – they have no real world experience. This is not true across the board, but it’s 95% true.

It also can’t happen because too much time is spent learning abstract concepts that do not create skills in a human being that they can use to create their own job.

After watching this video, I would highly encourage you to go read the book, Weapons of Mass Instruction which expands this argument as to why college is a bad idea, but why you should rethink high school education too.

The best type of education is that which is learned by doing and attempting, not by theorizing. The educational systems are not set up to teach this way, so it is up to YOU, the parent, to steer your own child towards a type of education that does teach this way.
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Discover why you must read Weapons of Mass Instruction to avoid giving your child a horrible educational experience... and some thoughts on what great parents are doing about it.



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