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Free Energy Solution

While governments and countries fight over the petro dollar, the solution for all energy concerns is closer to coming to fruition every day.

John Searl is one of the leaders of the new free energy movement. His research has led to the formation of the SEG which will be able to not only power your home, but your car as well, virtually eliminating the need for oil (with the exception for the production of tires for your car and for motor lubricant).

According to Jason Verbelli, “This will replace the grid. Your home's power box would be connected to the SEG from within your own home. So anything you plug into the sockets in your wall will be powered by the SEG. And the SEG can handle the load of everything in your house NO PROBLEM.
You'd still use the same wall sockets in your home, but you wouldn't have to pay anyone for the power and you will never have black outs.

The only difference in your home's system is that you'd have to reverse the polarity of your wall sockets to receive the inverse signal put out by the SEG.

The more you used it, the more it would put out negative ions which promote healing.

The utility companies can monitor their meters all they wanted. It wouldn't show any power was being used in your home. Well, at least, not "Their" power.”

Funding for the project remains one of the biggest issues. Because Searl Magnetics is a for profit business, it would be illegal for them to receive donations. They are unable to sell stock in the company because stocks are based on a company’s worth.  According to Verbelli, “A company has to already be viable and on the commercial market.  If there was funding, that would lead to manufacturing which would lead to sales and profits.  Then it could be on the Stock Exchange.”

http://www.in5d.com/images/searl3.jpgVerbelli added, “Machining each layer of material is a tedious task that takes A LOT of precision, time, money, etc. Each layer of material needs to be shaved down to the exact specifications according to the Law of Squares.”

Russel Anderson stated, “There is no secret to the Searl SEG. Just study the Law of the Squares, and Dream ONE, as I have for 26 years. The SEG is simply a linear motor wrapped into a circle, with a Rare-Earth core for an electron source. Choice of and proportion of elements dictated by Square THREE. Square three oscillates except for the center cross, which rotates.”

One of the most common questions Verbelli receives is in regard to how long this invention will take to reach the market.   “We have one person working on the machining with zero funding.  We have two people working on the promotions and networking for funding worldwide.  We have a total of nine people on this project and zero funding. The cost of purchasing the materials, having them shipped to and from the machining facility, the actual cost of machining, legal fees, licensing, etc. costs more than most people make in a year. And with zero funding,  it's difficult to create this device as fast as the lazy public wants it.  If more people knew about this... helped out.... talked, etc, we would all have these in our homes. It will take about 3- 5 years from the time this is funded to the time it's in your home.  So... the sooner we get funding.. the sooner YOU and YOUR FAMILY won't have to pay for gas, or PG&E or airline fees, etc.”

It’s important to note that this invention is the child of what was initially created in 30 years ago.  “The last working Prototype was in 1982,” stated Verbelli.  “This is why we need the funding. To REbuild the technology.”

“We could have all been using this already but it takes time to get a team, a facility, the needed equipment, the materials, legal protection, manufacture the parts and uniquely magnetize them.

Free Energy SolutionWe now have the team, the facility, the needed equipment, Searl Magnetics is an Incorporated company now with a charter, we have most of the materials and it's now a matter of modulating the magnetizers.

Even with full funding, it will still take 8 - 12 months of work on the magnetizers and then to perfect the imprinting of the fields on the materials. Once that's done, we can manufacture the rest of it and crank them out.”

The type of free energy technology has been around for over 100 years, as evidenced by Nicola Tesla at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago.  Tesla’s financier, J.P. Morgan, suppressed Tesla’s invention because Morgan believed that “He who controls the energy, controls the power.” Corporate conglomerations such as General Electric will inevitably try to follow Morgan’s footsteps in the suppression this invention’s technology by offering several billion dollars for the patent, only to suppress this idea for another century or more in the name of corporate greed.

According to Verbelli, the SEG "will replace not only the grid, but get rid of oil, gas, nuclear plants, the need for solar panels, tide power, wind turbines, hydroelectric plants and all forms of current energy generation.”

The vast population of the world is only one bad coronal mass ejection away from losing their entire power grid.  Inventions like this cannot arrive soon enough. 

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