Kony 2012 Exposed - Now Lets Exposed The Illuminati

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I made this video because i was tired of people supporting something that is a fraud and has two faces.Made by Zyad Limamy

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Illuminati's DEFEAT!!! Kony 2012 video is an open admission of the Illuminati's DEFEAT!!! YES!!!


The Illuminati have made a statement of their defeat!!!!!! WOWOO HOOO!! Congratulations!!! Much love to us all!!!

I viewed the "Kony 2012" video on friday... It had 56,500,000 plus views after only five days.  Today March 12 it has 70,000,000 views.  I predict it will reach one billion views before the week is out.

When I watched the "Kony 2012" video on friday I was elated! I loved it! However the wrist bands with the numbers and the signs that look like election signs got my eyebrow to twist a bit, although I did not know why.
So I shared the video in a big way and then started getting fed all of the hailstorm of counter attack video's and articles (I have been watching and reading them for two days. So I know most of all sides of the story).  And they were getting hundreds of thousands of views.  So I kept asking the questions "What is going on here?" 

Then when this "story" was being reported on main stream media also (in a big way)...I could not let go of my question: "What is going on here?" "This is huge, what does it mean?" .  "Why did I feel elated and all this back lash?"

I have been "working" on putting the pieces together since friday... And I finally found the answer a couple of hours ago.....I'll tell the whole story on my show tomorrow...

I found the answer via this video from JonnyDontPlay on youtube (never heard him before today...he is great) So now I know what the elation was about...

The Illuminati have made a statement of their defeat!!!!!! WOWOO HOOO!! Congratulations!!! Much love to us all!!!  (15 minutes)
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I COULD HAVE TALKED FOR DAYS!!!!!! This should give the flavor of the information. Possibly, more diverse info.on this topic later! Stay Tuned!

As I was writing this post this video was sent to me...great to add some humor to this story..... (3 minutes)
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http://thejuicemedia.com‬ Rap News Episode 12: YES WE KONY. It's March, and the Internet delivers 2012's first globe-consuming meme: the unstoppable, Stop-Kony 2012 video, which has highlighted the plight of African child soldiering like never before. But is it really good? Is it really bad? Or is the world really more complex than 'good guys' and 'bad guys'? Whatevers; one thing's for sure, this is momentous: never had a 27-minute video devoid of both cats and boobs ever achieved such virality. Is this a demonstration of the internet's ability to instantly inform and engage tens of millions; and a hopeful sign that there is a willingness among those millions, to engage passionately with something more meaningful? Or does Kony2012 just mark the dawn of a rapacious new style of viral marketing? Join your charitable host Robert Foster - and our special guest, General Baxter, direct from AFRICOM - as we delve into the dark heart of the matter.

Juice Rap News: written by Giordano Nanni; lyrics and performance by Hugo Farrant. Created by Farrant/Nanni in a back-yard studio in suburban Melbourne.

And this Jonny video is worth a watch also...just found him today.... ( 15 minutes)

I have a lot more information about this Kony 2012 development, that I have been watching unfold very closely, and I will tell about it in my show tomorrow. 
I want to again congratulate one and all!!
Much love!
Kimberley Jaeger

PS If you have not seen the Kony 2012 video here is the link:

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KONY 2012 is a film and campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice.


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KONY 2012 SCAM... Bankers Outsmarted by Millions of Young Activists?

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Pls SHARE & mirror. Images gratefully shared from the charity video promoting KONY 2012. I trust they will allow my use under the youtube creative commons attribution licence.

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