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KONY 2012 Exposed ( Obama And Hillary's Great African Military Safari Continues ) Dr. Webster Tarpley Reports

Hillary Clinton is the queen of terror and war ... a living weapon of mass destruction. The central figure at the center of the worlds mass human death projects. The fact she can laugh at it reveals the true sociopathic lack of empathy inside this woman. She just engineered the war that has destroyed Libya and killed tens of thousands, and now she is going to engineer the new government, another "transitional" puppet regime.

In 2008, Barack Obama made history as the first black President in the United States of America. Three years later, he has made history again, this time as the first US President to establish a permanent US military presence on the African continent.
Obama announced "I believe that deploying these U.S. armed forces furthers U.S. national security interests and foreign policy and will be a significant contribution toward counter-LRA efforts in central Africa."
Safari USA: African-Americans may be shocked to discover that Obama is the first US President to break-in Africa

It is ironic that America's first black President would be the one to establish a permanent US military beach head in Africa, but one only has to read the numerous strategic briefings available from U.S. AFRICOM to reveal a long-range Anglo-American agenda for the Dark Continent.
When the US formed AFRICOM in 2007 under President George W. Bush, 49 different countries signed on to the US military imperial charter for Africa.

AFICOM is a colonial subsidary of Neoconservative pièce de résistance known as the Project for a New American Century (PNAC). In sporting terms, you could say that Bush Jr kicked the ball down the field in 2007, but it is Barack Obama who has carried the ball over the goal line in 2011.

Obama extended his bold new military safari tour of Africa, ordering the deployment of 100 special forces US troops to the central Africa country of Uganda, allegedly to support local forces in battling the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). Formed in 1987, they have been engaged in an armed rebellion against the ruling Ugandan government. Interestingly, LRA's leader is the infamous Joseph Kony, who also has all the makings of a bin-Ladenesque comic book villain. Should that conflict escalate, tales of Kony will provide a ready, out-of-the-box meal for a US mainstream media machine who are forever gagging for a new world public enemy number one.

Uganda looks to have brokered an initial deal here as a US local partner in Africa, a relationship which was formalized following Uganda's key role (allegedly) in battling Muslim extremists in Somalia. Whatever Uganda's actual role was, their rewards have been substantial. Right After The Fall Of Gadaffi Obama sent them around $45 million in military equipment, and this will certainly be topped up annually if Uganda continues to host US troops there.

Alex Jones talks with Webster Tarpley about the 30-minute documentary that aims to shine a spotlight on central African militia leader Joseph Kony as Obama sends troops to central Africa to hunt down the Ugandan Lord's Resistance Army.



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(Libya Airstrikes ) The Women Who Called for War !! A diplomatic team led by Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power advocated military action against Gaddafi IN LIBYA !

I Feel That Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joined with Samantha Power and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to Break All The United States Of America Rules Of Engagement and Trampled All Over The U.S.A. Constitution and should All 3 be tossed in jail for TREASON !!

Hillary Clinton Laughs About Gadaffis Violent Bloody Death And The Fall Of Libya

“Few Americans realize it, but our leaders who lack military experience tend to
be more hawkish than leaders who have served in the military,” said Matt Pottinger

Obama , Leaders Of The Federal Reserve , and Many Others In Washington DC
Should Join Hillary Clinton ,Susan Rice, and Samantha Power
In Jail For High Treason ! ()()


and Without The Freedom Of Thought There Can Be No Such Thing As Wisdom ( BEN FRANKLIN) This Video Is The Day I Reached 7,500 Miles Walking For The Troops And Patriotism and I Was VERY Angry That Obama And Company Sent All Those Navy Seals Up In A Slow Moving Duck Behind Enemy Lines . It's Called ( Wake The Hell Up There's A Storm Coming

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